Read my Seal?

I decided to create my personal seal and I would love you guys to read and tell me what you see.
Anything you see or feel is acceptable. Just say it.
Thanks. :heart:

@DarkestKnight @WorldFuneral @Brad_Johnson @QueenMustang @MagickalStudent569 @dark_prince_Zamathu @Kish @xenon @QIAOGUAN_YAN and others.
Please read my seal :pray:

Hello Wisdomplanet,

Did you get this sigil from dowsing? If you are close enough to a spirit that can dowse out your spiritual sigil for you.


Have you charged or empowered this seal?

At first I was gonna say I didn’t get anything off it, but for a moment I seemed to feel some kind of love coming off of it.

But that could be because the red part at the bottom looks like an upside down heart. Lol

My eyes seem to get drawn towards the diamond in the middle almost like it’s a gate or portal and for a moment I had the impression of two figures forming the diamond with their arms…

Hello crookedpathfinder,

I was getting Belial and Naaham from it but when I asked them they said no.


Are you trying to connect to Belial and Naaham?


Thanks Zen
No, I didn’t get the digil from dowsing.
I drew the sigil with my name.

Thanks crookedpathfinder,
Yes, I charged the sigil. I’m or maybe there was something I missed out
I’m still growing spiritual (still at intermediate level).
What figuures do you sense?
What do you advice I do if the sigil isn’t charged properly?

My intention was to connect or create a mutual relationship with these being when I was charging the seal.
These would help to form a Relationship whereby if any other being intend to work against me, none of the spirits, demon… would agree to work with them.
Belial and Naaham would probably be part of the spirits I tried connecting with.

Did I do these things correctly or are there things I still need to do?

@Wisdomplanet Sorry, I didn’t get anything. Probably because I’m new to the whole concept of scanning and haven’t done much.

Thanks @Kish,
You can try as much as you can.
I’m not expecting a perfect response. It is an opportunity for my fellow God’s to practice and explore.

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I can sense that energy & willingness to work with them, especially Belial, when scanning the seal, but it feels like you’re not ready…is there some area of your life you want to change, but aren’t ready to commit to what’s needed to make that change happen?

Nothing specific, it was just an impression of two welcoming figures on either side.

Much like you might see on a flyer for an event that has characters presenting and ushering you in.

Something like that.

Feed energy into it, and incorporate it into your practices.

It’s a personal seal, so treat it like a spiritual insignia. The more you use it, the more power it’ll have.

You can inscribe it onto a candle for your altar that you charge and light when you’re doing things (likewise use it on things you want to personally tie to yourself)

Over time, as it becomes connected to you it’ll start to emanate the energies you possess and work with as it becomes a sort of conduit of your spiritual presence and signature.

(Speaking of signature, you could also use it as a mark with servitors, or trusted familiars, like a house emblem or something).

There’s various things you could do with it, depending on how far you wanna take it.

I have a personal seal that’s been around at least a decade, and it has two variants as well.

It’s given me some interesting surprises when Ive worked with it at times.


I might add, that if it becomes really energetically tied to you, you’ll want to be careful how you share it (hiding it in things or obfuscating it somehow would be a good move, such as covering it up in artwork) or otherwise put protections on it so that nobody uses it as a link for some nefarious purpose or other.

I have found that using a pendulum in a meditative state works very well for getting a sigil. The pendulum being a simple marker held up by a string, rope or chain.

What you do is you hold the pendulum with one hand slightly above the paper so that the midpoint of the swing just slightly marks the paper. When the pendulum stops moving, lift the pendulum up slightly and move the paper. Wait a little bit for the movements you induced to clear out and see if the pendulum starts moving again. If it does get close to the paper once more so that it is barely marking the paper until it stops. Repeat this process until the pendulum no longer moves at any location on the paper.


The easiest way is to simply call forth these spirits with that sigil or use it as your signature when signing pacts.


Thanks. There are several areas I need change but I feel that I still haven’t identified what changes are needed.
I would love to work with him too. I have been in contact with King Paimon and Azazel too (but I haven’t been able to decide their messages properly). :heart:

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Wow. I really appreciate these insight.
Can I use it as a form of wallpaper on phone or profile pics?

I need to start working with the seal on a daily basis as you’ve advised (feeding it).

I would create its artwork and place it in my home. With this, I would be more connected with it.
How can I use it as a mark with a servicer please.

Thanks for this insight. I’m gonna be careful the way I use it. I have also altered some words regarding protecting me from undoing.

Thanks alot :heart:

It could be what @QueenMustang talked about (Belial and Naaham).

I’m in the right path

Thanks Zen, I would use this method when I work on my second seal.
This is a very good method too. :heart:

I don’t see why not.

You’d have to give it to them energetically in whatever way makes sense to you (visualization, etc).

For instance, a energetic tattoo on their body somewhere or as a type of badge they can use, or that’s otherwise on them (this may depend on the function of the servitor). Or like a type of blessing you bestow on them.

Thanks alot @crookedpathfinder. You and others have been supportive since I posted on this topic.
I really appreciate you.
Lastly, could you please give me some examples on how I can feed my seals?
I don’t seem to know how I could incorporate it into my daily activities.
Thanks alot :heart:

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