Reaching out to my friends here and seeking group effort for much deserved justice

I really don’t see any “legal” type issues at first few glances over the love and law topic so I decided to post here.

Here’s the situation.

My boys mother is an awful person - period.

No I’m not just a scorned ex we’ve longed separated and the "boys"are young men.

While I eventually won the first overly long winded very expensive on my part only custody battle it does not stop her from consistently harassing me. She is allowed supervised visits only with the younger boy- older hasn’t spoken with her in years because of the trauma she put him through.

She is a junkie and would make the boys sleep on the floor while all her junkie freinds crashed all over including there beds while they lied on the floor watching junkies fuck the list goes on and on. House raided for meth- of course she walked.

She walks on everything- now she’s up on felony charges of theft and forgery again and I feel if there is no intervention she’ll walk again. I will be invoking Paimon tomorrow evening and early Tuesday morning as that’s when she has court.

I just want her to finally get what’s coming to her and get some jail time so me and my family can be left alone.

Obviously I cannot publicly name names but anyone interested please pm me as I’m reaching out here for group implorement of King Paimon. I need justice for once and her in jail for awhile so me and my family can have some peace for awhile.


I’m up to my ears in projects, but hope you get some assistance here and that things go as you want. :+1:


Someone recently said they cursed a friend with sobriety. I also had another person say that you should call upon their arch angel based on their birthday - tell the Angel not to leave the persons side. I am all for Justice however I dont think I could bear to harm their mother. Maybe calling on a Motherly Goddess and have them guide you in the direction to take.

Curse of sobriety I believe @Uncle-Al will have a bit more insight on this.


I had to ponder the above before answering. Sounds to me that your ex is already cursed (by her actions and deeds). Some things to consider, Protection around your son that sees her, Shed A Light Spell (shows a person whats truly around their environment), etc. I will ponder some more to see what else can be done. Harming your ex more will affect the children, even if the older ones does not see her, she is still his mother.


I appreciate what all is said- and a special thanks to who reached out… you know who you are thank you. I certainly do not want to cause any physical harm to her since that would only hurt the boys. However- she is granted supervised visits only and has done nothing to better herself or her situation. I mean we are talking about someone who coned her dying uncle with obvious mental faculty deterioration- the family fought it but some quack deemed him of sound mind soooo… long story short after draining his bank account and having all his benefits signed over to her when he finally kicked it rather then use the money she received for final expenses… opted instead to steal it again and his body sat in the funeral home for weeks until the family had to pay for said final expenses because she stole it and just left his body at the funeral home. Despicable by anyone’s standards. But that’s not what she’s in the hot seat now over- it is felony theft and fraud. This are simply not the values I want instilled on my children. My oldest son has been so mentally scarred by her abuse and actions there is no convincing me that some jail time- and I say that- of course the bigger picture pisses me off- but she has no job or anything better to do then harass me to no end- and to make matters worse keeps dragging me into court- somehow finds loops holes so I have to pay for everything because of her “inability to pay” you think that would be telling enough in a custody dispute but ohhhh no not in my county. Costs me thousands every time. I could go on and on but just another case in point. The school for younger boy is well aware of the situation and that she is only allowed supervised contact- yet he was in trouble today for texting his mother back and forth during class which they immediately notified me off. No any parent ought to foster there education not be texting back and forth filling his mind with shit during school hours especially since it’s a well established fact no phones in school. The list goes on and on. In fact even my lawyer stepped out of his professional client/lawyer role and said " ya know as a family practice lawyer it’s part of my job but really there my least favorite cases because I hate seeing families torn apart but I must say in this case they are [the kids] much better off without her" I could go on and on. Some jail time and some peace for me and my family is well deserved- although through it all I wish her no physical harm.


This is very sad to hear. I am going to light a candle to Lord Lucifer to see the boys are taken care justice needs to be served, my heart is breaking for you and your sons.


There is a zodiac angel, as well as a talisman of the Sages Of The Pyramid, that force truth out of someone.

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See a very recent journal entry of mine on cursing. It might help you out.