Reaching Out To Marbas

Hello all,

I am new to the occult world, but I have recently started invocating Marbas to help cure me of a health condition ive been dealing with for a long time.

I chose him not only for having a characteristic of healing and curing disease, but for some reason it just felt obvious to call him, like I was directed to him.

Anyway he told me some advice on different lifestyle changes, which make perfect sense to me. I have contacted him a few times now and I feel the connection is getting stronger each time since, even though admittedly i am underdeveloped spiritually.

He had asked me to make a post talking about my healing as if it already accomplished, so thats what Im doing. So, thank you President Marbas for the work your doing and are about to do.


Sounds like you’re making great strides! I myself feel incredibly aligned with President Marbas. Unfortunately, though, I haven’t yet been able to establish two-way communication with him despite trying evocation a few times. If I may ask, what method did you use?


Basically just used his sigil and chanted his enn and asked him to come. Nothing elaborate. The communication in very subtle But i can tell it’s someone else and not my own mind. I’m not very experienced with these things but I hope that answered your question.

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