Reaching out to a spirit who came to me

Last night right before going to bed, I randomly felt my psychic senses heavily awakened which I found odd due to the fact that I have been slacking on my Meditations and Ritual work as of late. I responded to the sensations and laid down on my bed watching my breath and focusing my mind on my third eye trying to induce the Theta-Gamma sync, after a certain amount of time I had my Astral sight awakened but was still confined to my body. I suddenly looked up and saw a big shadowy hand descending towards me from the ceiling, I let the hand touch me and felt myself start to rise out of my body, I surrendered more and more to the experience letting this mysterious hand bring me farther and farther out of my body, till I sort of felt everything disappear except me and the spirit, I asked the spirit to give me some of its power and my Astral body was immediately energized and I was able to enter different Mystical states just by thinking of them, when I “woke up” I still felt the intense energy in me and spiritual presence of the mysterious entity around and within me. I want to more consciously contact this Entity, but I dont know its name, sigil, or anything, what advice to you guys have?

You could set an intent to “Go to the force or spirit behind that hand,” then enter TGS or whatever state works best - imagine a door, open it, and see what you see behind the door.

The more complicated that process is made the more doubts you’ll have, IMO, so that’s why keeping it simple is best. The door is your structured interface directly to whoever decided you needed a “hand up.” :slight_smile:

Thanks Lady Eva! Your door technique is awesome!! I tried it and actually ended up meeting my guardians or at least one of my guardians, the female entity gave me her name and confirmed she was my guardian, I can’t remember the males name even though he did tell me, and if he was my guardian as well. I asked about my previous experience, and they said it wasn’t them behind the hand, but another Spirit whom they have affiliations with. The reason given for why this spirit reached out to me was so bizarre and seemingly nonsensical that I’m trying to make sense of it. But I’m happy to have finally spoken with my guardians.

A couple of times I’ve had something bizarre and nonsensical (at the time) come up, as a reason or request, and they always turn out to make sense eventually - don’t know if your experience will be the same but I’d wager it will, given time.