Reaching a Magickal Paradigm

Reality in it’s most true state is a reality unobserved.

For the moment there is an observer, reality becomes distorted by the viewer. Our perception of reality is fascilitated to us by a range of senses. Neither any part nor the whole apprehends the truest and fullest reality. Besides our organs which grant us but a slim band of reality, there is also our mind and emotions which further dilute reality to us.

Across the history of the Earth, many philosophers have experienced phenomena only a few could ever hope to understand. Let’s face it, spiritual mechanics and occult philosophy is simply beyond most minds. And even those philosophers who do attempt to apprehend struggle to attain the clearest view of a spiritual reality.

I like to imagine our thoughts forming streams with similar thoughts from other people’s minds. And when a philosopher uses their thought, they transcend the mundane fields of consideration ascending to the ideals and dilemmas. Philosophers and spiritualists of all variety access a special unique stream of thought. Only their minds experience it’s flow, our minds, magickal minds. We all seek to attain the clearest perspective.

To aid us in our thought journey we have the power of our own intuition as well as the volumes of thoughts had before on matters related to our quest. Countless spiritual philosophers have gone before us and cultivated a variety of perspectives which branch and connect to form the wholler Magickal Paradigm. And many minds struggle within this paradigm hoping to be the victor of truth.

A-What are angels and demons?

B-Are beings we encounter reflections/creations of our own self?

C-How does one’s struggle for identity and acceptance affect their magickal experience?

Those of us who have experienced phenomena are have a greater pool which offer their perspective alternative dynamics. Until one has experienced things for them self, they access only a limited range of possible comprehension on a matter. Even with experience it can be hard to generate more effective conclusions on a matter.

Over time, common pools of thought manifest as popular conclusions and tracks of thought are recognised. Throughout time many minds have contributed to the Magickal Paradigm, offering perspective and experience to the greater endeavor of understanding. Some minds, though archaic and primitive, have developed systems of spiritual understanding as well as personalized egregorial forms which linger and are treated as living deities. I like to think that we as a species have evolved and also that the Magickal Paradigm itself has been advanced through the ages.

D-Is it still appropriate for a selfwilling agent to pray to anything?

E-Assuming there’s no need for pray or divine aid, what need would there be for gods, angels, or demons?

F-What would a magickal perspective look like without the inclusion of nonself personalised divine figures?

G-What if a magickal perspective was grown of a purely humanist and self centric mind freed from the need to cling to higher powers?

H-What if we are the highest power?(or at least were at some point or even perhaps evolving to that point)

I-Is trascendance(ascension) even possible, are we truly evolving as a species?

I think many minds build perspectives from the fundamental need for someone else to be the center of power, that someone else might also bear the responsibility. In the depths of many minds they think, “Surely there is another beyond me who is the one.” But with that assumption they passively accept their own state of powerlessness regardless of the fact they may yet have that power themself.

For these reasons I often criticize the occult and basically all of divination itself. I consider that our physical form is the evolutionary medium, the vessel and apparatus of our trascendent and formless will. So then needing yet a second tool apart from the body seems superflous. To me it seems the human body is the highest magickal medium itself.

Some people will argue we are in fact neither so equip nor apt and that external mediums and personalized forms are required. I like to think it takes a special mind to truly face the possibility that we are alone in a vast cosmos. I think most people would prefer to believe nonself beings aid us and have our best interest in mind. In other cases some people just need a devil to punish or to be punished by a devil.

In the end our conclusions gauge our place within the Magickal Paradigm. But some of us try to avoid conclusions prefering to surf in the flow of thought and consideration itself. My own magickal ideal is to refine my own perspective. I try to tune my lens so that I experience the clearest perspective of reality. My own conclusions are like snake’s skin, I shed them and form new one’s. I invite you to ascension. Perhaps my words have aided your own journey.

If I have a ton of gold for you but you can’t haul it, it will not matter if I give it to you or not. Before reaching a conclusion, try to see if there is another way to perceive with greater possibility. To get the gold, the clearest truth, we must first cultivate the process of understanding and consideration itself that we may apprehend it.


I’ve been leaning that way recently as well in terms of practical uses, whilst also remaining a hard polytheist when it suits me (and an “Iam one with the All, all is within” at other times) - I suggested for example working with “Belial within” recently on here.

Interesting synchronicity and nicely laid out, thanks.


Do you know of the Dzogchen Buddhism practitioners who retreat when they are ready to leave. There areany accounts of them telling people not to disturb them for seven days when they go to the mountains, and after seven days a rinbow appears and all that they find when they go up to see is the fingernails and haor of the body because these are dead nerves that can’t be transmitted into light. It is the achievement o the trikaya, when they fully realize the sambogakaya, or rainbow body.

Some Yogi’s and Buddhist Masters choose when to leave.

Awesome post as usual. Thank you for the gold.


Interesting topick

That’s phenomenal. I share that very ideal, to leave this body and world behind in a special spiritual body. Thankyou! And your welcome.

I’ve found that supplementary tools are actually produced by our own energy body as immaterial organs manifest to fascilitate our sense and will. I know that might sound farfetched but it’s based on the simple idea that we attain form by requiring it. As a form is needed, so does form manifest.

If I hold a tool in my hand, my body holds the tool. But if my body is the tool then why should a tool use a tool?

Most of my more serious magick involves manifesting what I call the ‘cocreative plane’. When the sorcerer meets an entity, their energies join to cocreate a temporal alternate dimension where in communion takes place. So the actual tools I might use are not even physical tools.

I do believe in the affects of suggestion. Suggestion is a magickal science all by itself. I also believe in the process of amplification. External physical devices can sometimes enhance our spiritual connections. But I would never require a physical tool for any truly magickal work. For me, magick is about connecting to that third cocreative plane.