Reached out to Dantalion, Pyrichiel and my former partner blocked me

I reached out yesterday to Dantalion for help with a reconciliation, and Pyrichiel to cause regret until amends are made. I agreed to put work in myself and did the Brand attraction spell late last night.
My partner had a mental break and i haven’t seen them in over a month.
Yesterday, out of nowhere, he deleted my comment from his birthday last year, and unfriended and blocked me. Today he unfriended me on my main account.
I don’t understand.

This happens sometimes… It’s not the first post I’ve seen on here where a spell like this backfires.

It usually taken to mean, it’s very much not in that person’s will to reconcile, they have felt the effects of the spell, and it’s made them very uncomfortable or angry, or some other very negative feeling, which they associate directly back to you, and makes it all worse. Some people have very strong wills and feeling them be tampered with makes them react badly.

Could also be the effect of protections from entities or natural ability earning them. They’ve decided you’re not good for them, and that perception has to be fixed before magick has much of a path through.


If someone has a mental break down the last thing you should do is mind control spell. You’re here for help not a rant so i’m gonna stop here and give you an actual step by step guide but my sassy side needed me to make the first point. that being said, your a brand fan so :

He has a spell called “convey love to one in need” use it on your ex to calm the genera tension
Then use “make others warmer towards you” so that he realises his mistake

Then “encourage change” so he will be more willing to talk to you.

Those 3 powers can be found in Mystical Words of power, Words of Power and Greater words of power.

Finally, the Demon Orias can change minds and hearts without a word being spoken to the person.

I believe this should be more than enough. Additionally, in MWOP the first book i mentioned, there is a power named “influence with emotions” you could use it to make your ex miss you, but only after the 3 first instructions


I didn’t go into detail, but his break wasn’t a breakdown, it was a break from the norm where he made some very odd excuses, and went completely cold and ran away like a coward. When we had just been trying so hard to start a family, and days earlier he promised me everything was going to be ok.
But I see what you mean.
I’ll try those tonight, thank you very much for insight.
Have you had success with those yourself?
Do you have any suggestions for methods of contacting Orias? I used Winterfield for Dantalion.

The last they had told me, if they “could” return, they would, whatever that means.
As to the second hypothesis, I’m not sure how to change that.