Re: your vid on evocation of SATANACHIA ROFOCALE

My name is Shawn Hunter Brunk born 11-20-1955 @5:47a.m. (I trust you and those on this forum with this information). In your vid you said that demons prefer to work in concert with us for the evolution of all beings. This is my dream goal as yet unrealized. What I would like from you is to let HIM know that I am willing to work with HIM to the end of my life making it possible for HIM to realize HIS goal for, at least, this quadrant of the galaxy. If I did not know that what I am about to ask is not possible and probable I would not now be on this forum: namely, what I require is enough capital to own a large country and the means to acquire it… for starters. When HE told you that you did not know what you had awoken, HE was right. I also know HE prefers the term FATHER or ALLFATHER. P.S. I am quite sane and this is no joke. If you wish you may call me at 307-287-6400. I await you reply