Re: whats make a good Magician

OP asking what makes a good magician redacted at the request of the person who posted it.

I think what makes a good Magician is Practice,

Learn the Method that resonate with you and apply it to shape your world as you desire,
Each Succeded Ritual will boost your confidence, and so your power

Tool are usefull at first, but they are not mandatory, When you become more and more Adept at Black Magic, you dont need to perform any Ritual, your desire come by the force of your will alone

Magick is not complex, in fact Magick is very Simple, Many People want to make magick look Harder then it really is,

When the Base are Learned, like Visualisation, Focus, How to enter into altered state of consciousness, You can go on your Path and reach Adepthood without a School or an Order

In my own Opinion,