Re: Video - Why Evoke Ahriman & The Divs?

Mr. Joseph,

I was certain that your new book would connect with me all the while showing me many new concepts. I haven’t even heard of Ahriman.

Watched your video “Why Evoke Ahriman …”. Hearing you talk about evoke’able beings as partly currents that run within deep aspects of one’s self (my interpretation, not quoting) clicked with me on a deep level. You talking about certain alchemical processes needing to take place in order for the evocations and indeed invocations to work made me hear a loud resonant chime.

Let’s just say the brass vessel between my ears was resonating like a struck gong. The waves emanating from the vessel are crashing against the walls of the past and future and I stand not only at the point of emanation, but also where the waves cancel out.

What you mentioned in the video are always considerations in my own Work, along with deep resonance with the cosmos and perceiving much of the natural, and not-so-natural world as acting as a grand hall of mirrors.

So, I’m not trying to ‘measure up’ to you fan-boy style, but more like tuning myself to be in a highly receptive state for your book. Anticipation plays a key role in how the material is absorbed.

Thank you!

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Yes this was a HUGE mystery in the beginning of this journey as I had a very hard time understanding WHAT these forces actually were. The lore itself had the keys to understanding. I attempted to get my hands dirty by applying modern ceremonial magick methodologies and Qlippothic attributions and the result was terrible backlash. I had to immerse my self fully into the Zarathustrian doctrine instead and the result was VERY DEEP GNOSIS. Some of it is found within the section entitled the Shadow of Bundahishn found in the sample download. Do not hesitate to read that because that section plants the seeds for understanding and empowerment. This is the wisdom of the Gods and has a very powerful transmutational effect.

Nothing close to modern ceremonial magick is found in this book. It is pure wisdom and substance. You will not need fancy athames and chalices. No cube altars or understanding of the “trees”. Apply the work as it is and you will learn SOOOOO much beyond the book itself. This is very authentic in that the entire tome is based on lore including the M.O. of the alchemical operations.