Re: The Sexual Force

how to control the sexual force if you use the sexual energy everyday ?

Sexual Energy is an integral part in Tantra. It is described as the most potent and CREATIVE force in the Universe. When you transmute sexual energy into something that you like, for example in your hobbies, in your studies, then it has been said that nothing can stop you from reaching the Zenith in your chosen field. Unfortunately, most of us don’t transmute this creative force and consciously and unconsciously, we are driven by our carnal desires, which ultimately leads to wasting/expelling it from our body. :frowning:
To contain sexual energy in your body for a long period of time is challenging. Some of us cannot contain it, once its full we release it by sha**ing( :V)
There are certain exercises that can help in containing the sexual energy for longer period of time so that we can transmute it whenever possible.
Here’s one good exercise:
–>If you feel like urinating, Go to the toilet and start releasing but, not fully…
try to hold after certain short intervals for 5-6 seconds and then again release it for a very short time(probably around 1-2 sec) and then hold on for 5-6 seconds and keep repeating unless you are completely empty.
This exercise has many benefits. Physically as well as psychically.
It will help you retain your sexual force much more longer but you have to have determination. Simply doing it for a week and then forgetting it will take you no where.

–>There are other exercises too but those are all advanced exercises.
One of them is called “Vajroli” where you suck different kinds of liquids through the genitals. The yogi first starts with water and when he/she becomes adept at it, he/she replaces water with milk and then various oils etc. etc.