Re: stop sleeping for 1 week

is there any spell to stop sleeping for 1-2 week

Try polyphasic sleep, I do this sometimes, it can fuck you up but maybe summon a spirit to boost your energy:

That describes the basics and you can use the great spirit GOOGLE to find out more about inducing this, for example “uberman” & “dymaxion” are the ones giving the most waking time, and will have their own pages and proponents, online how-to’s, etcetera.

Pavlina has a good guide somewhere online, and there are plenty of other “bio-hackers” doing good personal research in this area.


I wouldnt recommend you to stop sleeping for even 3 days becouse it dry your energy it would be hard for you to study anything.Poly sleeping i think is not so good, i mean you can try as Lady Eva said sometimes but during sleep everything you experienced durig a day make some sort of catalogue in you brain instead leaving chaos, your neurons are relaxing and hormons are in play so i would not recommend…

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with some energy meditation i can stay up almost 3 days good but thats it

Add that to the conventional polyphasic stuff to boost the results is my best advice. I do all kinds of crazy schedules and boost them with energy work.

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ALOT OF COFFEE. And maybe a drill instructor to make you do all sorts of pushups if you rhink about sleeping. Buddy systems work out well.

try 2 weeks of no sleep for magic :wink: see how easy you beliefs change what you can do