Re: Relationships with demons

After have “tasted” various demons and angels, I found that Astaroth/Astarte is what I like more and I want to concentrate on Her and dedicate to her totally. I plan to do a contract and even possession and sexual relationship if possible.
Do EAK or Ben Yaquin offer this kind of service? Or someone can explain how could I do it by myself? TASA ALORA FOREN ASTAROTH .

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Check the website and find the consultation with EA and he can help you out with that. I heard he does pacts for people but you could also watch his video and that explains it as well. I have had him do some consultations with me on my screenplays and he is very humble and patient and can help explain things for you. I would recommend you learn how to do those things yourself. I would do this for you but I have way too much going on right now with my whole TV series.