Re; Incarnation verification

I don’t have a reply button, so I have to reply this way. I will only put one way down as my hard drive has blown out every attempt to get deep.

I woke up after my appendectomy 10 years ago- and it was as if I was plunged into a bottomless pit of tar. not even a light anywhere to guide. The only thing I had left were my past life memories, some of them with alittle more info. But even when my wife would call me I felt as if we were total strangers except for some small glimmers threadlike which kept me from hanging up. It took me about 6 months to- ‘get out’ The only thing keeping me sane was my past lives, and the slowly regaining memories of my current life- but they really felt hazy- cloudy- dubious. when I could say I was finally 'cleaned off of the tar, about a year later, I was so different. There had been “Eastern Philisophical Disaplines” which I had been working for years trying to study and make any kind of sence which- when I was finally ‘cleared’ all of my ‘western judeochristian’ background seemed so phony and incomprehnsably cloudy and blurry, but I began studying Buddhism and Taoism and Hindu philosophies ( even read and understood ghandi!) and was able to nearly stand under a waterfall of data and not miss a drop and assimilate all of it. In a lot of ways I came back reprogramed with a new language. (and a lot of regret for all the time I wasted I felt) HD wants to die- more later.
is my reply ability fixable?

This is more common than you realize, though it happens most often in early childhood. Look into stroke victims and you’ll find something similar.