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[quote=“MandyJoyxoXO, post:1, topic:6928”]Hey I’m new to this & I want to know where I should begin.

Hi Mandy!
Although E.A. May answer this question I wanted to tell you where I started.

The three basics I started with were Candle Magick, Sigil Crafting, and Meditation.

Candle Magic is effective but not necessarily earth shatteringly powerful (at least in my experiences). The flame is the gateway to the spirit world and you can push your will through it.

Sigil crafting is very easy and much more powerful thank candle magick IMHO. A Sigil is the physical representation of your will, and once created you can charge it. The trick to Sigil (and really any magick) is that you must forget the intent and focus on pushing your will into the universe. If you think about and meditate on the outcome after the spell is cast, it can cause it to fail, or have negative effects.

Finally, meditation. I think this is one of the most important practices a practitioner must develope in order to have more powerful effects. Yes candle magick may not be the most powerful, and the same could be said of sigil a but meditation is the tool to focus our will into a razors edge. Meditation allows you to quiet your mind, and block out the world. You can fall deeper into yourself and deeper into the ritual. By blocking those noises out you can more powerfully focus on the ritual and you will have a greater success in your practices.

Remember that this all is a spiritual practice, even if you’re not going to approach it that way you should approach it seriously. Not that it’s not fun, but taking it seriously will make things happen. Just FYI not really trying to sound harsh, every person practices differently. I just think why would you waste time not taking it seriously if you can actually have what you want?

Anyway, that’s my two cents, good luck!

In Ascension,

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