Re "ecleticism" in Media- espec as shown in "The Last Exorcism II"

I don’t know if anyone has seen this mish-mash style- in some cases what is termed “chaos magic” combines things, but in other cases the question of the underlying structure that holds it all together (though it may not be seen).

As example I just viewed the film “The Last Exorcism II” -Good I thought, especially starting out in what I think an Esoterist/Left hand may find the most errie/“horror” … the sense of loss of sense of reality, sensory confusion/memories… but the interesting bit is the very end… Goetic (Abalam) combined with Voodoo vedes (it is in New Orleans) and some Norse Navigation wheels… She starts off a rite saying she’ll contact the Baron S (graveyard ruler), with a Carrefout sign on the wall, and yet says she is “of the right hand”… (diff lines from the Enoch Calls thrown in)

 At the end- they are in a salt circle with character in restraints, they feed her "Devil's root" tea.. then an IV of blessed salt water (? or whatever is actually in it) and they say they summon the demon and bind it into a hen and then slay the hen  (which they summon and try to bind- shouting.. louder as if that will do it).. of course, things out of control and go downhill from there (and then better :) awakening

 Reminds me what I liked about the movie Paranormal activity, when the "expert" comes by, says he'll help, and then freaks and leaves saying there is nothing anyone can do...   gee way to leave someone. (espec if they are a "client" per an expert)

Anyway- not sure if the above is the best example, but the way they combine different traditions, and yet the underlying structure beneath seemed to be Protestant Christainity, but that didn't integrate with the details..   I wonder how often what seems to be Eclectic either is finding an underlying connection, or perhaps is just details above, vs mixingup.. 

(as in this film: where- “the Lord” “blessed Mary” and Voudon loa and called upon to “battle” Goetic (listed as one of the two supporting L Paimon)

although for Nell- she was “becoming a Living G” (actually referenced that idea in the narrative)

Reading that caused a funny thought to come into my head, I’m sure a number of you will chuckle:

After the exorcism is totally done, Nell turns to the team.
Nell: “You fucking assholes! I paid good money for that possession! Do you have any idea what a ritual like that costs? And now I’m going to have to go through all that bullshit all over again!”

I can’t say much mor the movie since I’ve only seen the first one. I do practice a few different types of magic. I mostly practice hoodoo/rootwork as it is what is most common in my area and I know how effective it is, I also work with the goetic demons using E.A.'s sigil magick as well as different Chaos magick methods. If it doesn’t work for me I toss it and look for for more potent types of magick. I’m still working up to evoking but it is coming along nicely. I’m in the process of working with runes but have not yet started actual magick aspect yet, still getting my ducks in a row on that one.

that makes sense to me- if you end up seeing the film I wonder what you’re impression might be; it was quite different than the first one.

I wasn’t meaning so much that different elements couldn’t be combined, rather that combining different systems results in a different whole. As you mention Hoodoo/rootwork, let alone Voudon (as in this forum section) is known to be powerful, and yet their use of it in the film was shown not to work- so more a matter of their portrayl, or perhaps their application (as calling on a certain Entity doesn’t necessarily mean there is Substantial Contact, nor does it mean there isn’t).

Also my thought on mentioning the Goetic and Loa, as in this Forum section the concept of opposing systems (also addressed in Evoking Eternity)- as in Voudon if someone is being Cursed/affected by a Loa, rather than sending a different Loa to battle the first one, the first one (that was active) is called-down and ‘negotiated with’

 < of course, works good for the Film, and espec LeftHand Path perspective, as per the ending, as Redcircle references and I mention in my first response. >

Anyway- in your experiementing, I wonder if you are working different pieces only, or if you are seeing how they come together into a whole (the thought that was in the back of my head as I wrote the original thread post).

I may not have clearly expressed (or clearly thought it), but it seemed a thought on the tip of my tongue-mind thing. It seems like something EA has touched on many times, and I sense it to be an important element
(thus not the individual parts of a magickal system, but the whole fabric-woven from, a major AO Spare concept, ref “Alphabet of Desire” and Lisiewski’s “Subjective Synthesis” which EA also references in Evoking Eternity, and in the BALG ebk)

as you wrote “If it doesn’t work for me, I toss it and loof for more potent types of magick.” -makes sense, and the issue of perhaps what makes for a more potent overall structure (as well as the film is less of a metaphor for discussion for those not yet seen it, so perhaps that made my post less clear). << I’m not sure if this comment of mine altered how you might read my original post. If not- would you want to share what you see/what you’ve found to a foundational structure of getting things to work together in your search? >> luck

As far as the movie goes they likely hodgepodged a bunch of stuff together to sound cool and give it a certain vibe. I’ve seen plenty of flicks with so much misinformation to downright laughably obsurd that I just try to enjoy the movie for what it is entertainment.

As far as my magickal practices go it depends on what I’m doing and how spirit strikes me. If I’m using a traditional working then I’ll stick to that. On a lot of my own personal workings I’ll incorporate different aspects for example I may make a sigil on my petition paper and then write my desire around it, and add appropriate roots/curios.

I’ve opened sigils and then gave them a 5 spot of certain oils and dressed them in powders and carried them in a mojo hand for a specific purpose. I’ve been thinking about shaping powders into sigils on papers and then open it for others to come into contact with but have not tried it out yet.

The rune work is on hod till I get some other stuff taken care of. I want to make sure I’m in the right mental state before messing with magickal systems I’m not terribly familiar with, especially when using my own blood for the work.

Sometime they should do a movie where they call in an actually real occult person to perform the ritual in the movie. Then we can have some sort of crazy haunted movie productions!

Obviously you haven’t seen Ghostbusters II… :stuck_out_tongue:

“On a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood!”…fuck me running I need a life.