Re- 'doing' Magick/Sorcery "to receive money" -diff meanings.. confusion

Just in terms of methodology, not just what goals, but how to achieve them- methods (even ‘recipes’ /processes)… first being clear what is implied by a statement…
… in particular, in modern phrasing the title (doing magic “to receive money”) has a few different (mutually exclusive? -at least contradictory) meanings…
It seems to imply- doing/call, money comes in… but how/why? (paid per hire? -oft when someone says they do a Rite to receive money, the first thought might not be they meant- paid to perform… but whether do for another or for yourself- the benefits the “hire-er” receives should be what one could do for your-self. -so, what might doing for one’s self (as then, one doesn’t ‘pay one’s-self’ … where’s the money come from?

-the hire could be: seeking results (X does Rite ‘for Y’… Y receives results, thus Y transfers some value-tokens to X)… but often is it more a “cultural-thing” … [someone wants to have a certain kind of ritual “done”… benefits from that, supposed? or just “recorded”… exs- baptism?/Blessing… and “wedding/marriage”

But then, beyond that- doing a rite, and the receiver of benefit (the doer, or “client”) finding some cash… might be “steered towards that”… low-hanging fruit… if likelihood/random… then as repeat, less likely… also smaller amounts? (less a feeling of being-in-control? -unless in a context-paradigm, of “under every rock” I find cash/valuable items, and that makes sense somehow… -a bit different than the usual world-view)
-so beyond having “found” change in the couch, cash in the road/bushes (and not that it is what another has lost)… can one use that to supplement, or replace, one’s 'income/rev"?

 Doing a Rite, and having those that "owe" you money- even from yrs back (perhaps even "debts to you" that you don't recall... old contact saying I owe you for ___, and you don't think they do)...    again, like above, repeatable?  and a sense of power/control?  

then get to the more common- thought of, somehow persuading/pressuring the “target” (as this form of affect is clearly targeted- not only in terms of Manipulation, nearly an attack, but also requires you have a person identified, who has funds/position/resources… if you don’t know who, then a bit lost)… ie go for a Job-Interview, or a Bank-Loan-application… you know a person (are they the actual decision-maker? likely not, per org-psych, the named is usually following “policy” as well as answering to ‘up the chain’…and review, but anyway)
-this also includes, the “ABC person decides to gift/give funds to you” (along the lines of “finding funds” as well as manipulated)… repeatable? and significant amount, vs smaller boost (versus an Amt that will supplement, or even replace, salary)…

  • I’d say above don’t really qualify for the subject-title of this (in terms of evaluating the method, not for receiving __ results- want a person to get health, who cares the method, do what you can to help. Vs just one-thing, and see what helps (compare-contrast/elimination, etc.) -Crowley wrote about that best)
    … unless the last case, “targeting” another is in the Annuity category; an OnGoing Recurring/Repeating pmt… say a Grant, or ‘position’ given, which isn’t a One-Time amount, but “monthly” for indefinite… ie. "I like what you’re doing, our Org will give you a monthly stipend/salary/draw of $N… < such that amount is close to a salary amount, not like $10 or $100 a month… unless you have ‘many’ of these… setup and Maintain hundreds such? -all from Magic?

This being an issue I've seen, many work on Magickal-Development, Ascension Specific, or even seeking specific-changes... and receive bonues, advancement, and yet the "gains" are things that could occur in that "career" that social-system...  (even if the Magic basically gives "motivation and confidence" along with a bit of perhaps mentalism/etheric influence.. )


So then how-to determine if the Magic was an issue, or just gain was going to happen (the old “beginner’s luck” fallacy of self-selection)…?
(there is quite a difference between a path in the road of the way things could be, good judgement/luck/fortune … vs a discovery, opening a new possibility in your options) -being clear on what is being created (purpose), vs a mush of any improvement…

So last- where the focus would begin-  what I'll put forth as sparking a seed, that "sources and sustains" a whorl.  [such that a whorl, is the energetic: mental-space, and what sort of connects up the parts, into a whole....]

 sort of have a project, a simple-business: offering something to poss-custs (invite-msg), finding those that might be custs (leads), process to receive their req (funds and "order-details").. process-fulfill, track, and lastly have this "Circle-Cycle" not only be complete, but steadily-stably continue to turn..
  -the metaphor: the above seem to be concrete elements (not the only way- but simple components)- but it can all just collapse, fall apart or divisive-conflict..    VS else, where an Idea appear out of no-where (mental-contact with whorl- see what is missing?)..  and people/ideas/resources are found/drawn into...    Best, the pattern adjusts, else is pulled in- before it is discovered needed, the whorl anticipates its own needs...

… the key being, if you have all the Correct-Components, it can still (often) fall apart, or at least be struggle-effort “Holding-It-Together” … vs where there is a bond- linking up… (this bond, this whorl)
Often the Assumption is that it is all concrete (and Magick/Mentalism whatever, is just motivation- just setting your focus…)… but one can tap a Whorl, support its growth… with “no components” (not an explicit Idea, just feel its movement- ‘no idea what it is, or what it will relate to.’)
feel when that whorl-circling is stable, and when it is starting to dis-integrate… as it crystalizes, and unfurls, it will click-into expression… <?>

   Some might notice some parallels to "evocation" strictly-proper.. (what EA terms 'structuring'..  building the matrix for manifestation, as is in some pop-culture)...  

    compare to the process of starting a camp-fire.  the Coal-spark..  when it first appears, so fragile, protect it, feed it (tinder) -not too much wind (blows out), but enough air (to stoke it)..  then into Kindling.. then bigger fuel.. the Shape of the "fire-pit" .. the Power of Place (the WorkingSpace & the Expression pt..  portal-anchor of "where" it forms a vessel)....     at first it can easily go out, then it get stronger (just a bit of focus and tweaking, and some time- as it includes elements), then it is stable  ...
  [but don't "walk away" just as a fire, can get out of control- burn the forest, even 'leap out of the fireplace' - if completely ignore, it can also change its nature.. and become an obsession that just burns-  the "project" falls apart, but the busy-activity continues... 

 [also forming a whorl, may disrupt other-existing whorls.. just as having one Presence-summoned, and creating a second-Presence evoked can disrupt-breakup the first.. or having certain aspects of your Life-Situation, certain conditions/available-options, are a certain whorl, call-up a Presence-Entity / whorl, can either change your current-conditions/avail-options.. or either one blocks the Other until one disrupts (you lose a sense of your self, your world shifts, or it doesn't and you lose that contact)..    -whether an Entity, the mind-space you are in/from, different world-conditions (you are in  one set of conditions- say work-finances, as one "personality" and another set of conditions- a different-persona..  yet they clash?  this is the world's/whorls integrating, or not..  harmonize and let their shifting-adjustments should you new-poss to adjust)

     This sort of view might be MakingMoney (having funds come to you 'for' doing spell-s)...  I don't know if any might see how the above definitions of what happens, what qualifies, could/would completely change this.. and if include/confuse them all as same-thing, how makes vague..?

   Just wanting to see discussion, examples, along these lines- thus reason I wrote all this out- see if any see the same way, or what I might have missed/confused in above.      (If one is taught how to "receive money" for doing magick, by those that are paid to do..  what else can you learn, but how to hire-out as well?  fair enough, but just as a Biz-Consultant should have their own biz ideal-designed ?  ~Interior Decorating, and FengShui/Geo-mancy should be in a Space that fully supports their actions-  practice what preach, not just "doing" but what does it give you...
    .if know, and teach, how to do a "bread recipe" and yet the bread is uneatable....  vs if you do a recipe (for self or an-other) the output (bread in this case) can be eaten..  (just as if a Baker doesn't eat bread, that doesn't mean the bread isn't eatable..  vs doing a "bread ritual" = pretend to make dough.. put it in oven  and take out "imaginary bread"..  is it there?)
      -how many rituals (customs, cultural-actions, habits..  mannerisms.. whether "occult" or just little actions do 'cuz thats what we do').. as done, and yet they are reactions, programs, not 'actions'..  (and Magick should be a new change, from presence, alive-awake)

 anyway- thought of writing this out a long time ago, figured I'd try and get it down, any pts/views any might have- beyond the 'I do it my way' or 'what is all these words' (I recognize this may be considered a long-post, even though a short-chapter or essay..  I only hope some might be able to help me winnow out wheat-germ from the grain/chaffing.. )  -cheers

  [thus the question of goal- underlies what 'could be' put in one's "journal"- purpose drives action, and also the review.]

(edit)- to simplify: more than "keeping busy", "its about not working harder, but working smarter"  -to do more than one thing at once (efficiency and leverage- seeing right 'to the point').. you need to be able to think/see-recog more than one thing at once.
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I’ve tried reading this twice and I’m not sure I get it, the only bit I can latch onto is “So how determine if the Magic was an issue, or just gain was going to happen (the old “beginner’s luck” fallacy of self-selection)…”

My answer to that is, I guess, repetition - sooner or later you start feeling like these “coincidences” happen so often, they’re probably not coincidences, which is why keeping an accurate and honest journal is helpful.

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I think one should just try to keep it simple.