RE: David Griffin

Is it just me, it does it seem more and more that he is desperate and hiding something?

In my minimal workings with demons I have learned that hell is not inherently evil or dark, I’ve learned that there are no black and white scenarios in life. I’ve learned that demons aren’t the scary, evil monsters we have been told they are. I have learned that angels aren’t always very nice.

Now I see Dave Griffin, I have even talked a little bit with him and I recently watched a video about the Golden Dawn and how he has been accused about being a reptilian and while he talked… My intuition picked up on something behind his physical appearance. I don’t think it was a reptilian, but I feel like the vibe was similar to that of a school teacher caught in a lie by a student. Am I the only one that sees this vibe? Like something is out of place with him?

And this isn’t meant as a personal attack, by any stretch… I just want to know if there is something I should know.

Real reptilian entites are obscenely powerful, they can incarnate in phyical bodies but he’s too much of a hack to be one imo.

Do you have any experience with those? Would you like to share?

Some years ago when I was still somewhat green in the occult, me and a freind of mine were going to go to a paranormal window area and try to conduct a ritual to manifest things over there. However a couple weeks before we left she was sleeping inbed, a reptilian humanoid materialized at the foot of her bed and physically lifted her up and flung her into the wall, even leaving clawmarks. Her roomate who was there at the time just said she saw her float out of bed and fly into the wall. After this I did some things to capture the offending entity and a year later was able to come to an understanding with it. And it went on to become one of my more useful allies. These days that reptilian you could say is my left hand girl so to speak.

Why did it attack your friend? There must have been a reason.

It’s because we were going to do some stuff in its territory that it took exception to.

Makes sense. I’ll make sure I get permission before I do that stuff. Thanks for the heads up.

Are you talking about the rather recent video of that Illuminati conspiracy? I ended up getting that one. Odd though, as I didn’t start getting Golden Dawn newsletters for about 6 months after I signed up- you know, to stay current.

I watched some of his videos before this one. Seemed odd to me but he doesn’t really have that charisma for public speaking. Most occultists in my opinion have that super nervous stance whenever they talk.

BUT! Since we’re also on the subject of reptilians… I think the first notion came from the Theosophical Society as per this link.

I’ve never seen a reptile. Ever… or a Lemurian. Or really anything else Blavatsky thought of. I always thought she was kind of hacky. I may be wrong though. Pretty cool story though.

They’re more powerful than the Goetic king demons?

Some of them are imo.

Interesting. In the Jewish Midrash it says some demons are afraid of other demons. Maybe they’re afraid of these reptilians.