Re: Clearing up religious dogma

He told me that I contacted another spirit for same working and that it was disrespectful. Which is kinda funny because he never delivered nor gave me any confirmation that he was working on it, even though I asked multiple times.

I think he is cool though, I should try contacting him again.

[quote=“SDRZ, post:16, topic:8363”][quote=“c.j. lee, post:14, topic:8363”]Another thing I wanted to add is the desert troll god has infiltrated the lhp. Any bullshit that’s telling you that it’s satanic to give up who you are or kill yourself because it’s the only path to freedom is utter bullshit.

Read between the lines on lhp systems that start telling you to throw away your ego. That nihilistic mindset is a rhp thing…Since the troll god is loosing followers, it’s followers are repackaging it and selling the same drama under a satanic disguise.

So be wary of that.[/quote]
I honestly can’t tell if you meant this post to be a satire or not. Are you saying that Xtians or whoever the fuck worships the desert troll actually joins LHP forums and gives advice on what is truly Satanic and what is not?[/quote]

Yeah, there’s plenty of people out there writing books and perpetuating this nonsense. They love death and destruction. Since the dead guy on the cross wasn’t metal enough for them they had to drag Satan into it and make him their symbol of martyrdom. lol, Satan was never about surrender. If the world is full of sheep in need of a shepard, does that make surrender Adversarial? uhhh, No…