Re: can my soul be in multiple body at the same time

can my soul be in multiple body at the same time how to do it ? (OP & author name redacted on that member's request)

i don’t know!

i have met one entity - a blue alien strange creature which lives on several places and habitates many bodies at the same time.

i have also known other larger entities which i have only observed in my flights, and those entities are not visibily connected, but appear to have some kind of kaleidoscopic fractal body which is clearly alive and pulsating as a life form.

can your soul be in multiple bodies? i don’t know. which only means that i don’t have enough power to realize that i do in fact posess multiple bodies. at the moment at least, as i’m sitting like a gollum at the computer.

fuck this

can my soul be in multiple body at the same time how to do it ?

Some people’s oversouls are incarnate in different bodies at the same time, though those people are usually the dullard type and not destined for greatness.

This is a controversial theory because it seems that the “best” incarnated selves absorb the lesser, over many lifetimes, until (no Highlander jokes!) there will be only one.

That one then usually gets attracted to very powerful positions in society, magick, stuff like that, it’s a really powerful soul, more so than a person of comparable demographic background who is one of several incarnations of their oversoul.

Yeah, Star Trek Borg, Highlander, plus something that will strike a lot of people as “elitist” - whatever. Just relaying what I heard! :slight_smile:

I also heard that DNA exists as a web-consciousness (kind of hive-mind) and focuses itself into groupings, some of which may even be at war with each other (genocide isn’t a new trick) whilst others ally through intermarriage, and incarnations over time that ally two forces, or even slowly eradicate one set of genes (as we’re STILL doing to the Neanderthals:

“… Neanderthal ancestry in Europeans has been shrinking over time, perhaps due to natural selection” - Source.

And, “a new international study led by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine suggests that Neanderthal Y-chromosome genes disappeared from the human genome long ago. … The Y chromosome is one of two human sex chromosomes. Unlike the X chromosome, the Y chromosome is passed exclusively from father to son. This is the first study to examine a Neanderthal Y chromosome, Mendez said. Previous studies sequenced DNA from the fossils of Neanderthal women or from mitochondrial DNA, which is passed to children of either sex from their mother.” Source.

This is largely something Buné taught me with connection to Varnaxis and my own extended family, I’m not sure whether the two ideas co-exist happily, again I’m not saying “This is true and you must believe it” - just putting it forward to consideration. :slight_smile:

So maybe you are inhabiting two bodies (or more) - or maybe what’s inhabiting YOU is also inhabiting several people… dunno.

Has that muddied the waters for you nicely? :o)

i experienced something like this while digging through my past lives. i found that two of my incarnations were alive at the same time. one lying in a coma in a Greek hospital, the other fighting in WW1 for the ottoman empire.

strangely enough both of my incarnations died at the same time. the one lying in a coma died at the exact moment when my ottoman self was hit by a British artillery strike.

the demon guiding me through my lives referred to this occurrence as “split soul syndrome”

i had not given this much thought until now.

theory confirmed bro, keep asking weird questions!