Re: binaural beats: helpful/ hindering for Soul Travel studies

I’ve had some experience with this for meditation:

The problem with synthetic music is that you never know what kinds of subliminal messages and God-Knows-What they’re putting into it. For meditation I prefer gregorian chants, and even though my experience is somewhat limited (still!), it would appear that shamanic drums are most effective for would travel (Thanks to Lady Eva for pointing that out!).

I love that kind of drumming! Btw I’ve split this into its own topic in General, just to keep the Q&A tidy.

I always wonder what’s in the subliminals as well, glad it’s not just me - I’ve tired a few of the goal-oriented ones and they didn’t seem that effective to be honest, though listening to them while I did other things gave me a pleasant feeling of being productive, more so than having the radio on or something.

Ive tried binaural beats, isochronic tones, and monaural beats multiple times over the years, none have ever worked for me to any meaningful degree. Apparently some people find them very helpful, but theyve never worked for me.

Both. Helpful to get into a relaxed state, but when I listen to them too long I fall asleep.

It’s finding the right ones that’s a bitch there are way to many. A few really help me meditate though pure theta 7 hz I think is what I’ve been using lately