Raziel speaks "Untainted Magic"

I evoked Raziel tonight. Interesting lessons.

Raziel instructed me to forgive those that had used magic in the past to wrong me…not because its “the nice guy way” or anything like that, but because that is not a burden that I need to carry IF I plan on building the type of wealth and prosperity that I need for myself and my family. Honestly, my hate has sidetracked my focus before.

Here it is folks…the real point that you might find helpful. For the longest time I have wondered if my enemies were still following me in the astral realm to curse me or still use banes on me or whatever because the spirits that i need to contact manifest themselves visibly, but sometimes they start to look like my enemies. He informed me that because my subconscious mind has such a strong desire for revenge that when spirits try to form, that i unwittingly transpose aspects of my enemies facial features on to them during the formative process, thereby adding a tint of corruption to my own magic and working against myself by sowing seeds of confusion.
So, I am going to do a ritual, per his instructions, to release my enemies from my vengeance and cut all cords to them…simply because…that mindset will not currently serve me.


Great to hear that. Can you post the ritual and the results? Also good luck :slight_smile:


Absolutely. and ty :slight_smile:

Ok. Did the ritual. It was not an evocation. I merely listed all the people that I wanted to destroy and wrote their names on a piece of paper. Then I took a red ritual candle and spoke how they are released from my vengeance so that I can move on with my ascent. To conclude, I burned the paper with the fire from the candle.

A lot of stuff was brought up into my mind about how I got to this point and I had to come to terms with a lot of things. Truthfully, I was never going to beat the team of magicians that I wanted to destroy, so releasing them so that I can release myself from ills of the past was the way to go on this one.

I swear I could sense another presence with me during this time but it was only observing and since it was not an evocation, I did not address it. Perhaps one of Raziel’s servitors? No clue, but his current was felt.


I know its been a long time since I dealt with this, but I have since left the Angelic Pathworking from E.A.'s evoking eternity. I have decided that I simply can not allow myself to forgive those that have wronged me and those I care about. So, Raziel and I have run our course. I have since turned to Enkidorat from Kingdoms of Flame and the results have been much better. Although there was a paradigm shift for me as I regained my sense of hate towards my enemies, I feel that it serves me better than my older path.

I have taken the good that came from the old pathworking and am moving forward to brighter and more potent days.
Best wishes!


wow, that is actually a very great work you go about!

Glad you made it there!

Cheers up!! :thumbsup:



Haha, interesting timing i have. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, glad you embrace new fire i guess. :wink:



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