I shall start this week my journal with numerology, astrology and tarot insights related to magic. It shall mostly center on the phases of the Moon and discuss magical aspects. Feel free to interact.


Looking forward to this, cheers!


Astrologer here, keen to interact!
I’m planning on doing some planetary invocations soon. Have you had much experience with the planets?


To start it: The moon is in its haus 22 Sadahacha, perfect for a new beginning and its age is 23 an harmonious aspect, feeling good…

Numbers for rituals involving Hekate are 3, 9, 13, 18, 27, 30. 81 is the number of hekatian magic. So the moment between the 27th and the 28th of the third month of this year feel good for starting this journal.

28.03 - > 2+8+0+3 = 13 - is the number of change, of something new and the number of magic. Anana Hekate Ayer!


Hey awesome vids. One of my biggest passions is Astrology :blush:


Thanks :wink:


The thread from a numerology and tarot point of view:

Ravs = 9+1+4+1 = 15

Arcane XV - The Devil :heart:

Agios o Noctulius! Deity of the night, very powerful. Representation of the Moon conjunct with Mercury, the aspect of the magician with a plus on flexibility, witt and flair.


This week is a charged one. Starting with the celebration of Loki, April 1st. Consecutively the Moon is monday in its haus 26 (Alpharg) and age 26, tuesday 27 - 27 and wednesday 28 - 28.

The 1st of April, the Sun is in Aries, Moon in Pisces. So as it can be seen the moon is rather feminine, delicate, dreamy and passive. The sun is very powerful, masculine, full of energy and leadership. Reminds me of the needed balance achieved through Baphomet.

The Moon is in its Haus 26 Alpharg - a good day for love, friends, healing and its time 26 is good for relaxing and philosophy.

Regarding these ideas i am inclined to say that this might be a great day for a Baphomet and/or Loki ritual.


I have got a hot tip Fastos likes Black Coffee with sugar. Beside the demonic, one of the best things of life is Coffee :smiling_imp:


New moon :spider: it’s a good time for rituals related with Godess Lilith. So it will be a busy night I guess.

:heart: Agios ishyros Arachnid Lilith :heart:


what is the connection between Lilith and spiders?

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Arachnidia Lilith power of the primal craft, shapeshifting, vampyre magic and dark alchemy. Grimoire: Lilith Goddess of Sithra Ahra.

Also might interest you the grimoire of Belial as primal craft: The Scorpion God

I personally noticed i connect easily and effortlessly with the arachnid Gods.


About Lilith i did not know.
The Scorpio aspect of Belial i’m familiar with, however, in a strange way my relationship to spiders falls under the territory of Anansi. I never worked with him(no petitions or formal invocation), but i feel when there’s a message. I like the way spiders dance in the air and wave a home. Their web is a good ingredient for spells, especially gathered from the mountains.


Today is a good day for Black magic :spider_web: :spider: :new_moon_with_face: The moon is in the place of alchil of the Scorpion, good position for construction, love, healing, money spells. Age of the moon 15 Full moon, perfect for magic. Symbol: the Snake. And an extra: the moon is in the sign of Scorpio and the sun is in aries 30°

Baphomet - ameretatem


Walpurgis :spider_web: :spider:

Athah Gibor Leohlam Satan :heart:

Hail Baphomet :heart_eyes:

Hail Hecate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hail Hekate!

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Yay!!! Today is the New moon in Taurus!!! :blush: it’s perfect for New pacts to make dreams become true. Any ritual, demon or dark gods you are thinking of trying now is the time.

New moon is in Taurus so in magic the witch is protected and grounded. The pacts done now will be strong and powerful. The moon has 2 major constructive aspects one to the Neptun is binding the magic and the other side and one to the Nord node it means rituals are to become reality. So enjoy this Major magic aspect still impregnated with the energies of beltane-walpurgis!

:heart:Hail Baphomet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
:heart:Hail Beelzebub! :heart_eyes:


Finally, the partial moon eclipse with full moon is near. 16 of july 2019 Europe at around midnight is most powerful. Is so powerful and magical excellent for necromancy and deathbringer rituals.

Hail Hades :hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Hail Hecate :hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s almost here the powerful Blackmoon on 31 of July. A good time for rituals again especially something what begins like pacts or a ritual to materialise a wish. I personally planning a ritual of necromancy.

Must be stated that the moon that day is empowered by the Sabbath of 2nd of August. So is a very important day for doing magic.

Perfect to start maybe a new magic System, it will have excellent results guys