Raum for developing astral senses

Yesterday I decided to evoke Earl Raum.
After about 20-30 minutes of chanting his enn and focusing on his sigil I could finally see it flashing. My senses are absolutely horrible so I attempted communication through the help of a pendulum.
I asked if he could perhaps make two of my former friends fight each other, to which he said no.

I then asked if he could help me in other ways, help me develop my astral senses or help me astral project/ lucid dream. He said yes, I asked him about offerings. I’d say he was a bit picky, only accepting liquor, frankincense or sweets, two times a week.
I then burned some frankincense after the evocation, as an offering (didn’t think he’d like it, initially).

So far I haven’t noticed anything. I haven’t even dreamt anything, which happens pretty often for me. I’m not expecting him to start working with me right away, it’s only been a day, but I just haven’t seen any difference.

What are your experiences with Raum? Is he good when it comes to helping with astral senses?


I dont have experience with raum specifically but Paimon awakened my third eye which I have somewhat mastered.

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Oh wow, how was that? Maybe you can enlighten me a little bit. I can’t even sense presences.

He popped me on my third eye and it woke up

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That’s honestly both interesting and a bit funny. Thanks for sharing.

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Honestly magick is sometimes either very funny or scary.


Better funny than scary lol.


Necronomicon spellbook entities are more scary honestly.


I used Raum to take down a mighty foe when the odds where against me. He worked in this aspect exceptionally well.

I found he brought with him a smell of burning hair when he arrived, did you smell that at all?

I have not used him for astral senses. I found Lucifer and Belial very good for this personally.


I haven’t been in contact with Belial for a while. I kind of got the vibe he wants me to contact him when I get better with my witchcraft and stuff.

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