Raum and Agares

I am considering using this pairing for a joint ‘removal of dignities’ ritual.

Has anyone done this and do these spirits agree on working together?

I intended on Agares during the day and following it on into the night with Raum as he prefers night evocation and Agares the day

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Why wouldn’t you evoke them together, if you are tasking them with the same goal?

I had a thought ‘maybe’ I could offend as I could be perceived as not having faith in one of them doing it.

I view it as double the power instead

You do realize that they will know if you have already tasked the other, right?

So if you call Raum at night, he will already be aware that you’ve tasked Agares for the same goal so it wouldn’t make any difference because you could still be perceived as having doubts.

I think it is important to understand that double the demons does not necessarily equal double the power. In fact, it could lead to the very opposite if they interfere with each other.

Evoking the spirits together gives the spirits a chance to discuss strategy with you, and it is also a chance for you to find out if their energy conflicts or not.

The best combinations are when the spirits work through different channels to obtain a single result. A good example is the archangel Raphael and the Goetia President Marbas being tasked with healing. They both come at the job from different avenues and thus don’t interfere with each other.

Edit to add: Good luck with your rituals. I hope you will tell us you were awesomely successful :slight_smile:


Thank you. :+1:

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