Rats blood - Elixir Question

I know I’m asking a bunch of newbie questions on here, but I was reading through some old threads and I happened upon EA’s “recipe” for the Elixir of Manifestation and I’m pretty interested in the idea. I don’t feel like I’m a point to be able to have a spirit physically manifest, that said I started looking to see if I could track down the ingredients.

The issue I ran into is rat’s blood. I live in Alberta, which is “rat free” (we even have a Provincial rat patrol lol) which means there’s supposedly no live rats in the Provence, wild or domestic. I assume that dead blood from a frozen rat wouldn’t do, but what about mouse blood?

I can get frozen feeder rats or live mice. Would mouse blood do the job?

Apologizes, for the weird question and if this has been asked before.


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Yes, mouse blood would work.


I always recommend using your own blood. That’s just me though, you can use whatever blood you like.

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Thanks folks

Can’t you go to a pet store and purchase a rat ?.

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In Alberta, live rats are prohibited, even as pet food. I can only get dead, frozen ones.


More on this,
What exactly would a person need to do to charge/empower this Elixir? If anything at all? Aside from letting it sit for a few days and using it for a manifestation base, I don’t know much about it. Do you just set it out in the same way you would incense?