Rashoon Seduction spell

Seduction spell with Rashoon

This spell will lure a partner from another love interest, or help the magician seduce anyone (s)he wishes.

You must go where the vervain grows, or grow a pot in your garden or greenhouse. Upon your chest, with a diluted sandalwood oil, draw the seal of rashoon upon your chest.

At midnight during a full moon, find the vervain plant and begin plucking one leaf for each affirmation:

By Rashoon Make [Name] love me.
Taran Rashoon nanay
By Rashoon make [Name] want me
Taran Rashoon Nanay
By Rashoon make [Name] Love me
Taran Rashoon Nanay
By Rashoon make [Name] want me
Taran Rashoon Nanay

Take the leaves (you should have 8 of them) and carry them close to your skin back home to your temple. Continue invoking Rashoon and concentrating on the person you want.

Wrap the leaves in red or silk green and leave it on the altar for three weeks. After that time, crush the leaves into powder and carry them in a satchel or container with you and when you see this person again, dip your hands in the powder and touch their bare skin. A hand, arm, or elbow will do, but ideally the neck or face.

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Did you create this spell? If not where did you find it?

Have you verified this information? How many times have you used it to verify that it will seduce someone from another partner? How many times have you used it to verify that it will seduce literally anyone you wish?

What affects does this spell have the magician casting it? Does it affect the caster as well as the target, or the target only? What if you have no contact with the target, is there an alternative method that you have attempted for long distance?

Please tell us about how this spell affected your targets, yourself and your practice, so that we can make logical decisions about whether or not this is something we should try :slight_smile:


It is from my old journal where I have written all my spells that I created myself.

I have used it on couple of people who I was friends with or known for couple months. And no it won’t literally work on anyone we wish because not all people can be manipulated or coerced into doing our will. Some people are just too strong mentally for that. It is for this same reason some people cannot be cursed or healed. So I don’t think it will literally work on everyone but it’s the same with with any type of magick. But Certainly there are methods to break down these natural defenses.

I didn’t had any negative affects on myself when casting it. Yes it can affect the caster because when we are casting a seduction spell on someone then that does mean that we do already desire and lust for that person and these kind of spell can make those feeling a little more intense.

This is the method that has worked for me and there is no alternative method for this one. Wont work on long distance target.

It took awhile for my target’s to really show the signs of the success of this spell. We got into a relationship some were casual and some were serious relationships. With some i got really in love with and with some it didn’t affect me that much but it did created a sense of obsession in my target’s.

Hope I passed the test. Hehe :grin:


Better than most :slight_smile: Thank you.


That’s a pretty good spell man
…I might give that a go.


Thankyou! Let me know your experiences if you try.

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