Raps Of a Black Magician

Power Lust

:musical_note: " Ascension now that’s a must, Addicted to this power lust
When i enter the temple i get that sudden rush, like a bolt of lightning just struck
Feeling a spirits touch, got me feeling up, no matter how intense it get’s
it ain’t ever enough

I’ve been in the depth’s of the abyss, burning in the lake of fire
I’ve manifested every single want and desire, I’ve ascended to the heaven’s
and ascended even higher

Now i feel as if no matter how much power i gain,
it ain’t enough to feed my inner burning flame
Expansion of consciousness and traveled the labyrinth
of my brain, man it still ain’t enough this is becoming a pain

I won’t be happy until i’m a heightened spiritual individual
performing godlike physical miracles, i imbue and bind legions
into these lyrical pinnacles,

In the words of Belial, Rule one … bow before none

In the words of Azazel, Rule two … Nothing is worthy of worship
Except you

In the words of Aleister Crowley, Rule three do what thou will
… That’s the embodiment of being free

Circle is awakened and drawn, The spirits rise around me
as nightmarish spawns, stuck in communication for hours till dawn
i’m constantly dying and becoming reborn, now the poison is necter
This is the alchemy of darkness transformed " :musical_note:


Epic. It would be funny on a side not if a rhp magi and a lhp magi did an epic rap battle of history ( ha totally applicable eons joke), but for reals


Fuck yeah haha

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@C.Kendall you should start a rap thread and see how many talented users join in