Raphael's sigil

So, I’ve come across two different sigils for Raphael, one that looks like a circle for evocation and one that reminds me of a sword somehow.

So, does it matter which one I use? I want to cure my girlfriend of Anorexia (It’s still in the beggining states of it), she complains that while she is recovering, she still vomits sometimes.

I want to speed up her healing.

Also, it’s okay if I use the same method (sigil gaze) I used for Dantalion with Raphael?

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Not really. I use Frater Ashen Chasans sigil. I have not worked with others. But there are a few different sigils out there for the same angelics. From what I have heard they all work well.

Gaze for as long as it takes. With me Michaels sigil disappeared COMPLETELY. Then before you refocus state your need /desire.