Randonautica, influencing reality through intentions

This app, randonautica, has become very popular due to recent events related to finding dead bodies. It is a random number generator app that uses a person’s will and intentions to have an effect on statistic and, therefore, on the universe by supplying a location to explore based on those numbers.
I think it’s funny that people are overly spooked by this app, but I am definitely interested in its Magickal aspect. It reminds me of what I learned about divination such as runes and tarot. What are your thoughts on the subject? I think it’s going to end up becoming an annoyance.


I became aware of randonauting over a year ago and would use Telegram. It is magick from my experience. If you haven’t, you should waste some time looking at the experiences on Reddit.

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That sounds like a good idea, has it been an successful experience for you?

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Lol I posted this in the “tmw” thread, there’s many claims of paranormal activity based around your intention but I have yet to really see it first hand. A friend of mine just found a hobo’s piss bottle xD


That’s fucking hilarious

That’s actually a common thing that has happened. It’s a running gag now.

Yes. I set my intention for magick a few times. Each time there was a decorative wishing well on the property.

I also live in a large city amd was missing my home town. It took me to an undeveloped area nearby I had never noticed before and it reminded me of where I grew up.

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