I am new to the world of magic and etc. I have always felt things deeper than others mainly through sight and touch. Today I will be starting my meditation process in order to open my third eye a little more. I want to in the future make contact with King Paimon and become one of his students.

Any advice on any of this? As far as tips on opening my third eye, making the process of contacting King Paimon easier, or anything that may be of help to me in this process.

And a direct question would be will wearing pendants help? For example, will wearing a third eye chakra pendant help me in the process of opening my third eye?

Thank you

For advice on opening your 3rd eye, just keep meditating and doing that, for introducing yourself to King Paimon I recommend looking up his sigil and enn for connection, draw the sigil down on paper with intent behind it, meditate on the sigil meaning while gazing at it, visualize it in your 3rd eye, repeat his enn, eventually he shall come to you.

As far as the jewelry, crystals always help in my opinion, I use clear quartz and amethyst on my King Paimon altar.


Ok I thank you.

I do not have an altar. I am technically rooming with another person. What should I do instead?

Asking Sargtanas or Lucifer to help with opening your third eye. Also know of some pretty good audios on YouTube that can help with 3rd eye meditation.

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How would I go about that? I’m sorry I’m a newbie. I just want to make sure I’m doing everything carefully and precisely.

You don’t need an altar, I do it at work too, you can just use sigil and enn

Ok thank you. I will let you know how it goes. I am going to work on my meditation first for a week then I will try and evoke him. I really appreciate the help.

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Hello and welcome to balg

Now you can sit and meditate to third eye opening music you can find on YouTube

No one is really giving u a full lay out on what to do


Make sure the room you choose whether to meditate or do a ritual is clean and purified

Candles and colors will play a part in this with contact and even meditation tho not needed

Do this GS to help you relax before hand take a shower sing dance listen to music I do all three it help

When. Your ready sit chill n call or just chill

Since you live with some one if you have a bathroom do it in there

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Ok. I will do the meditation thing outside because I won’t be able to cleanse the room before each meditation spree or ritual. But thank you.