Random things and experiences I'm gonna record here.. Damon's journal!

So this happened awhile back, when I could actually lucid dream…seemed to happen spontaneously (aka would just realize I was dreaming), one time I wanted to “talk” to my subconscious about some things, a dream character showed up and I forgot what I asked him (most likely something to do with my past issues or trauma + emotional stuff) and he didn’t respond but I do remember VERY CLEARLY from above in the sky of my dream landscape the LOUDEST screeching horrific sound basically just started like screaming but not. It startled me very bad and I forced myself to wake up… actually makes me wary to do any inner work if that’s gonna be the response. The sound filled my entire dream landscape and was deafening.

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Another memory, my first lucid dream memory: This happened when I was a child, so I didn’t know what was happening and will record what I can remember.

I was in a deserted town like the old fashion kind where there were few buildings a road between them, and everyone kept to themselves. I suddenly while dreaming became aware of the fact that I was in a dream. Being a child and even though I knew I was dreaming I went to look for my family, to which I couldn’t find. While looking and asking the characters, I would look into the buildings…either no one in them or very depressed people. That was the vibe I got. I remember I looked into one and a character near me told me something about not going into the buildings with the people because I might not come out or something? Like would get lost or stuck…this scared me. I also wanted to wake up, but didn’t really know how to…and was pretty frantic because I couldn’t seem to will myself awake and didn’t know how to.

I followed the road to “get out” and it led to a black like void/black hole. A dream character warned me not to go there. And I woke up. Didn’t go in it though.

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Well I tried evoking a specific entity with the sigil, set up a little altar that I will use to give offerings/make communication that had an inscene cone holder (with inscense i burned) and another candle, was purple but it was supposed to have protective/banishing purposes to it, and another purpose…? Although I just used it for the color association with the spirit/entity I was trying to make communication with.

I think it went well, I lit and let the inscence burn. Had the candle in its own holder and let that burn throughout the opening/communication with said entity- then started to open the sigil. Once I felt (through the sigil moving slightly + glow a bit) that it was open and actually the vibe/energy in the room changed to. Got heavy. I communicated that I wished to have a working relationship with that entity to work on spiritual advancement for myself, the candle at times throughout seemed to flicker or move wildly (don’t know if it was because of a draft or not, not I found that interesting). After I stated my wishes/intentions I noted that I would leave an offering for the spirit tonight and thanked for listening/being with me then closed the sigil + blew out candle.

I have history with this entity so I felt safe to not ask the entity to leave. This is however the only time I’ve tried to initiate contact + start a working relationship.

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Great job invoking the entity. It takes a lot of effort and knowledge of what exactly to do. Staying tuned to see your progression further into your path.

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Went to Home Depot today, And got two plants I can grow in my room. Reasons:

  1. To add more “life” to my room.
  2. I believe there is nothing more healing then nature itself. :sun_with_face::herb::earth_africa:

Chose the plants based on their symbolism and their supposed properties (spiritual), also because I like nature and having two easy-to-care for plants is a nice way to decorate and bring life closer home.