Random stuff

The thick smoke of sandlewood and some resin is still in the air,
the sharp taste, and the burning eyes match the curry i ate after the
-like allways improvised ritual.
I really want this to happen! Lilith shall pervade my mind, my body, my spirit, my soul, my very essence. I want her knowledge to become my knowledge, want her wisdom become my wisdom, want her abilities become my abilities.

I really, really want this.

And i was surprised and thankfull, to see a glimps of her, in the corner of my right eye.

Thank you, Lilith! I love you. Please, please let us merge, let our spirits marry,
or at least let me become your son.
So… The smoke has left through the window -for the most part (as i’m writing this)
I’ll go to sleep now -uhm try to sleep, while listening to the terrible sounds of abysssarian’s vampire rites :stuck_out_tongue: