Random strangers asking me deep questions!

This is freaking me out now.

Some of you might know that I have been working with the entity who is Enki. ( some of you are in despute on exactly who that is . Some say lucifer and some say satan. I’m not here to debate that as we’ll never agree on that. I have my own opinion and knowledge on that)

Incidentally he came to me, I never evoked him. Don’t know if that’s relevant.

That’s the background…, however since then apart from the feeling of detachment to the work and total inertia for most things up do with the mundane world including my own personal life ( and I do separate, but feel it’s forced, an act!), I have been getting increasingly intense and more frequent questions about
Heaven and hell, is there any? If so where will they go? ( like I’m gonna know!:woman_shrugging:t2:)
About god, who is he?
What about lucifer, and/ Satan? Who are they? What’s my take on it?
Concerns over change in vibrations in the world. Asking me if I’ve noticed and if so why? Why is it happening?
What’s the illuminati? What is the deal there?
Is the devil real?
Have they ‘missed bits out of the bible’
When is the end of days? Can I, yes I repeat ‘ I’ do anything about it.

It started with work colleagues who are mainly devout Muslims now questioning their faith. People are telling me everything from their ‘shadow self’!
Then it moved onto the customers I see, then random strangers! Literally everywhere I am, at bus stops, cafes, shops, just now… in the dentists!

It’s strange though because it’s like the answers do come. Although I try to gauge how much info I think they can deal with because they might not like the answers or be fearful.

Can anyone shed some light on this because I’m feeling more and mor overwhelmed by this.

Every night now I’m crying before I go to sleep because I know I seem to have a purpose to do something ‘ important’ which sounds dumb I know but yeah… and I don’t know what it is. It does seem to be with regards to the spiritual war that is happeneing and now it is influencing the world. That I can fathom out.

I feel I have nobody to talk to properly about this is my life so I ask on here for guidance…


Hey thanks for sharing! My first bit of advice. Is take a deep breath and center yourself again.
As to your reference on the identity of the entity, I dont have the past context so i wont speak to that.
But people seeking you out for answers is a really common thing I have experienced even when REAL power is manifesting (in whatever way that may be) in or around you.
Your average person can feel that on an unconscious level, just like your average person can feel when a place is haunted, or sacred, or imbued with energetic force. (lets call them cowans for the sake of ease)
Cowans don’t know why they feel this, they don’t have the insight or background, so they say things like. “That place just doesn’t feel right.”
What I’m getting at, is this is for them a unconscious sense of knowing, and hence most cowans live there lives being told what to think, feel, be, so on and so forth. When they feel that “unknown” from you, they are having an unconscious response, “this person is plugged in, this person has information that’s special.”
So then they start asking you the “BIG” questions, because that’s all that cowans know.
We were all cowans once, but something changed eventually we woke up in some way, if the plans of the gatekeepers are to be believed (waking up the human race to our “god selves.”
Then it makes perfect sense that if someone can sense a person who is not a cowan (IE: you); then if this mass awakening is starting to happen, they are going to start looking for answers to there questions, humans in general seek validation.
I digress though, if this is a powerful demonic entity that has come into your life, and this is happening, embrace it! Its likely a very important part of your growth and thats why it is happening. Try to answer these questions with your own answers. Or even if you cant or wont, encourage these people to have the balls to seek out these answers for themselves, and encourage them to keep questioning.

This is my two cents at least, i hope this helps!


Hay, thanks for your insight which does make a lot of sence. With regards to the entity, having done a great deal of research and indeed what he tells me he would be the true ‘satan’ As it were, ( although some on here say lucifer but he tells me not), which would lead me to believe an entity of that power could cause some major energies and vibrations. I’m a reiki master so I know how to ground and shielded myself but still energy seems to come through!
I havnt an issue per-se with people asking questions but it’s like all the time now, every day about 10 people or more, unless it’s in a day off when I have no contact with anyone much! Today for example they literally gathered round in the dental hospital, in the waiting area. Like I was s bloody celebrity or something. One started, it started a cascade. A 4 year old girl with her mum asked ‘ is the universe forever?’ I asked what she meant. She wanted to know will it go on forever, and how big was it. Then she asked who created it, and Was there a bad place for horrible people and who decides?. Her mum was speechless! Never heard her talk like this. I mean what’s the purpose of all this? It could be what you say, this awakening. ( that child I suspect was a rainbow child. Highly aware! )
Enki says it’s to be expected as we grow closer to the times of great changes on our planet. People are under some kind of ‘spell’ but are on the verge of breaking it… it’s like amnesia and they’re desperately trying to remember. Weird analogy but that’s what he’d said.
Indeed,my powers are manifesting, at an accelerated rate and I’m finding it hard to handle. In a crystal shop this afternoon the whole table if them started vibrating and moving when I went close!
My home life is being effected. My husband isn’t on this path as such although is ‘dabling’ For want if a better word. -but is highly intuitive and knows there’s a presence in the house at certain times. I’ve tried to explain to a degree, but it frightens him and it is effecting our energy between us. He’s agitated all the time.
Only time will tell, as I learn new skills with my ‘mentor’, and he is pretty relentless on that score, and visits me in the astral even. He has high expectations…A door now opened can’t be closed. I dare say I’ll find out my purpose soon enough! :thinking:


Do not worry!

I have experienced this myself. Ascension is infectious, and those who need it will go to those who have it to get it. You are temperate and thoughtful in your responses. I think you are correct to measure the response to the individual. My advice would be to study reading people- spiritually and physically, and then try to have your answers have the most impact. It may be the only communication you have with them

You are Ascension’s patient 0. Infect the world.


I mean it could be Enki, if you have asked, and divined or what have you and thats what your getting, then roll with it.
From what you just said above the only other entity that popped into my head was Angra Mainyu/Ahriman, especially since you seem to be having people of the Monotheistic variety asking you the most questions.

No, definitely not that. I was told right from the beginning who he was. Satan but in the guise of Enki the most of the time which I’m glad of as it seems to be his more caring and gentler aspect/ though occasionally when not happy with me or trying to get me to work harder I have seen other forms of him where the energy is vastly intense and powerful. ( dragon, black hole or kalisascope of swirling colors in a storm, or even just black smoke)

As Enki, he emparts all his ancient knowledge about his history. We had and have still some wonderful chats, albeit deep, but fascinating… probably why my every day conversations now seem so mundane! It’s not to be arrogant, but I’ve been spoilt! Haha

The majority of public tend to be of the belief there’s only one god don’t they? They don’t look further for answers after all… unless I come along, apparently! Lol


You could send them my way if you like…
standard questions you list

Heaven and hell, is there any? If so where will they go?
About god, who is he?
What about lucifer, and/ Satan? Who are they? What’s my take on it?
Concerns over change in vibrations in the world. Asking me if I’ve noticed and if so why? Why is it happening?
What’s the illuminati? What is the deal there?
Is the devil real?
Have they ‘missed bits out of the bible’
When is the end of days? Can I, yes I repeat ‘ I’ do anything about it.

Ulitmately you have a right to express an opinion…so why not express your opinion, but do make sure you highlight it is in your opinion for ultimately that’s all you probably can do if you don’t want people jumping on every word you say and asking you for proof or whatever.

You see I will not give you an opinion on any of the above as you haven’t asked for one.

May I proffer however that the rising of the beast of the ocean as read about in chapter 13 of the Revelation would probably have a sensual reaction to that rising, and seeing as though we are either at some point of the second half of chapter 12 or the beginning of chap 13 maybe it has something to do with that.

Thanx for the post.



Lol! Would be happy to send them your way! Sometimes I get thoroughly exhausted answering everyone’s questions.
I do give my answers carefully, and tactfully, but base it on what I have been told, and what I believe/ which is basically what I was told anyway so there’s no issue there…/ but problem is what I’m told can be mind blowing to some and for those I feel just aren’t ready based on my intuition to their soul, I will invade the questions and make an excuse to leave.

I didn’t ask an opinion on Enki because I don’t want to get into a long debate about him basically, because it’s not really about that as such…/although obviously it may well be relevant, it’s not the soul source reason for the thread. “Who is Enki” because there’s lots on conflict and JoS crap going around and I don’t want to start on that one! :roll_eyes:

I totally agree but you must always be honest. I might say something like ill be honest with you in any expression of my opinion, im not going to hold back, are you sure you want to hear it ?

send them here - https://jules12345.wixsite.com/tucotmcg


I suppose it makes sense that others are seeking you for spiritual wisdom while you are involved with Enki. He is the one that warned Atrahasis of the incoming Flood, after all. I haven’t called upon him myself, but I definitely see the Lucifer connection. They seem to be different beings, given that they are in different systems/mythologies, but their functions seem pretty similar.

Do you happen to detect any elemental energy from him btw? I’ve somewhat recently come to know that Lucifer and three other Demonic Kings are each embodiments of different elemental powers, 4 of the 7 fundamental forces of reality (the other 3 being Light, Shadow, and Time) (also this is just my understanding, your system may be different).

Lucifer, who leads the entire legion, corresponds to Air [logic, ideas, intellect], Shahtan to Fire [passion, desire, Will], Leviathan to Water [emotions, relationships, fluidity], and Belial to Earth [stability, materialism, solidity].

This is based on the system in Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose, in case it interests you.

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Well to be fair i always say it’s my take on it. I never ever inform them I have heard it from any Devine being/ entities / outside source other than what I’ve read and form a conclusion on. They would think I was either a lunatic, or believe me and be terrified!

It’s strange, but you know…I guess that’s what it us now. And the path I’m on. Just gotta live with the chaos and endure that responsibility of being literally a spokesperson for the truth!

Not sure I fully understand your website. It appears to be of the occult but then there’s lots of imigary implying it’s a Christian site.
I’m confused!:woman_shrugging:t2:

Jesus has his abilities… the archangels also. Christian ? To me there is no such thing, Jesus wasn’t even one as far as I am aware that is. Oh he might have been anointed whatever that means, but praying to someone merely because they put on oil on their hands and feet seems somewhat ridiculous to the tucotmcg. it would be like revering someone that wears Prada because … they wear Prada no ?

Yes I do…
Always the fire element. When he first came to me, it was in astral form, and he literally hyjacked it and came to me as a dragon in a fire. I was so hot I felt I was on fire! Then he changed his form… to a very tall middle aged white man with longish sandy to light colored hair, and wearing black robes, and told me he was Enki.

I recognized him straight away because when I was 6, I had missing time. I was on a picnic with my parents and I “went missing” for about 2 hours even though I thought I was only away about 5 minutes (so yes I’ve experienced the time thing!) when missing I found myself in some kind of stone cave with Sumerian style writing on the walls. He was sat there, (same figure as who came to me in the astral this time recently) and he chatted to me, told me he would keep and eye on me and that when I was ready he’d come to speak to me again. He took a lock of my hair and told me he wanted to check my DNA, how I was made to be sure I was “the one”. I wasn’t afraid. He wore a carved dragon pendent. Chinese style dragon. I asked who he was and he just said call me the dragon man. So I did…he took me then to the edge of the cave and I looked out to a bright light, like the sun…and I was back in the park about 200 yards from my parents who were frantically looking for me. I tried to tell them I didn’t know where I’d been because I dudnt think they’d believe me, and they sent me to a child phychologist! I didn’t tell them either!

When he came later in the astral, he wore the same pendant, he showed me and I knew who he was. Then he told me his history and who he was and his part within it. The Annanuki comes into play a fair bit.

Incidentally, later on when I needed to havd an operation I did indeed find out I do actually have some weird DNA anomoly. It’s actually caused a few strange health issues. It’s extremely rare apparently.

Probably why he came to me. That’s why I don’t view myself that amazing, it’s just my dna, although he gets annoyed when I say that telling me I am, and I must believe in myself or why should he? Fair point I guess!

I do experience time shifts, but that’s a BIG subject for another time. If you’d like to know about this, feel free to PM me.

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Can you ask him if Azura Mazda is Anu by any chance. ? Id love to see his face if you do and id love to hear his reply truly truly truly.


I certainly will do… I’m sure to speak to him soon and I’ll let you know. ( assuming he will tell me. Depends what mood he’s in!)

I await with excitement.


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I suppose it should read – WAS Anu - Azura or Ahura Mazda ?


Well, I knew what you meant!

Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I have been so busy. Don’t ask!
As I understand it from his explanation, It is apparently open to much mis interpretation as always with everything over many thousands of years! Ahura Mazda is the Persian exquivant of, and is their name for ‘Lord of the earth’
Anu is not the same being and is ‘lord of the air’
Because the ‘sky’ came first before the earth was formed, that’s probably why it’s assumed Anu is the god. This is not the same god that is the creator of all matter in the universe, only our galaxy. Our demention here. There are 4 dimentions ( universes) and 1 other space where singularity lies and great Devine. She is the creator.

Both form as one though as in togetherness rule as earth and sky, if you are to follow the Persian mythology. It’s all the same beings
Actually it would be Enki who is Lord of the earth. Ironically enough!
It’s all interlinked.