Random smoke

i have been seeing smoke randomly around me, it dissapears as i try to focus on it is this any negative energy or spirits? i am clueless

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I see similar sometimes.
I dont think its negative beings if you dont feel any negativity or being drained.
Negative beings like to surprise with an attack or they stay hidden in corners or with in your chakras if they succeed on penetrating your defense. and then they try to ruin your life.

Probably is a spirit passing by or a spirit trying to interact with you. You could have a Succubus lover or incubus sorry just guessing the possibilities. :wink:

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trust me she would be definetly dissapointed by me

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thats still good i am starting to see what i was not able to see before

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Why? If you dont mind me asking

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Way to go! So the third eye is opening.

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i am kinda person who just want to be commited to one soul if that is stupid enough

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No its not.
You are the master of your own reality.
Create it how you would like it to be and it doesn’t matter what others think.

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that makes so much sense i was getting so many arousals for no reason. i gotta banish her now! :smiling_imp:

where there’s smoke, there’s fire

i don’t know that it’s true but hey there’s a word

There would certainly be no fire in my house, if there was i would notice it with i try to focus on it it instanstly like in a blink vanishes.

This happened to me twice a few weeks ago. It happened randomly two days apart. I had a dream of a house filled with a white mist. Two days later I woke up to a white mist flying around me.

The next day I found out my uncle died alone in his sleep and his body had been in his apartment for days before anyone found him. I felt like the mist was his spirit trying to tell me something. My mom said she saw a mist around her as well. We didn’t know what it was until we found out about my uncle, her brother’s death.


I have had similar experiences. Human and animal spirits definitely appear as mist.


Doesn’t have to be literal fire

The day this happens is the one day I’ll be extremely eager. None of my spirits have manifested to such extent but the idea behind it leaves me eager to witness one day. The amount of energy though. OP must of been lucky to see such a thing :crystal_ball: