Random Sigils from Automatic Drawing

So today I just had a very sudden interruption in a visionary state while my intent was directed on something entirely different but thats another story. As I was ending recording my experience in a notebook I draw out of nowhere and seemingly in an instant the following 2 sigils. They intrigued me and I am planning to find out more about them in various workings with certain spirits. So I’ll post the sigils here, if anyone has any idea or even a suggestion please feel free to comment. Sigils: http://imgur.com/a/6TBW6

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The first one i’m not sure but its gives the impression of a jouney one must pass through or something to unlock something. The second one reminds me of similar sigil i have seen for Hekate so could be a starting point lol.


Damn we are on the same page here LOL :wink: Iam also thinking about Hecate. For the past month I ve seen at least 40 sigils and images of her coming randomly.

Right i think i figured out the first one its the journey of the black lunar current, perform your rituals to her on the dark moon.

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Care to give some insight about this particular current? So far by breaking the first down seems that involves some kind of spiritual alchemy combined with two opposites of the same forced directed towards someone or something.

Perhaps you’re only used to working with full moon or cresent phases for ritual use in the past? So that would be Selene & Diana/Artemis Energy. Hekate Is Dark Moon she is the torch bearer in the night, she’s saying you will have to get comfortable in the dark first before she can show you her pathway into Hades.


Damn you’ve no idea how much “Dark”" (light :P) shed into this! I was wondering if it is wise to even seek her because lately I ve not practised enough. I thought that It may be impolite of me to even seek her. I planning on working with her for the Moon generally was something Ive always found comfort at. Especially the Cresent moon as well as the Full moon. Thanks for the insight and advice!!! Darkest Blessings!

Just create a small altar to her, work on syncronising your energy through mediation, invocation. Also try and think on what you want her to teach you.

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These come to me by pages at times. Any thoughts? Any insight would be much appreciated.


Ok Page on the Right i’m getting a magickal system known as Zos Kia Cultus by Austin Osman Spare so check that out. Top page has something to do with Leviathan or Sulphur. Middle Page Something related to Lucifer, Asmodeus or Shiva in his Dark Aspect, Also the spiral represent a never ending current in a triangle possibly an evocation that needs to be done, in order to get more answers.

I Think you need check out a combination of Thelema & Zos Kia Cultus seems to be the two currents i’m picking up.

Hope it helps


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Zos Kia Cultus is right. This flowed in after trying to contact the late A.O. Spare. The right one was the initial focus glyph. I’ve recognized some symbols myself after finishing them, so maybe it’s just self - confirmation bias, but then again, everything probably is.

Thelema, tho is completely locked to me at the moment, due to my, well, accumulated impurity.

Thank you, though. It did cast light.

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No Promlem :slight_smile: Something in the Left Page made think Thelema don’t know why, its not a path i follow lol As for A.O. Spare him and Chumbly say we have our own language we communicate while doing automatic writting sometimes it’s recognizable through symbology other times we have to download the info subconsiously and translate it later through meditation on it.

Are you working with both? Is there any special ritual for it?

@Rav I’ve worked with her on and off since i started magick. There is no specific ritual but you can create your own eventually. I would suggest reading up on her mythology and start simple with meditation and chant work upon the dark moon so you can sync your energies. Also before calling upon her think on what you want to learn before hand. She is busy and pefers you know what you want.

I was very interested in what you said about her pathway into Hades. I am planning a ritual with Hades but some people say they dont work together.

Well they kind of do but shes much older since shes a titan. So its kind of a co partnership of the underworld.

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Great insights, thanks!!! I might have an idea for my Hades ritual :smiley: