Random Sex Dream (no details)

Okay, so I’ll admit I’m a bit hesitant to even post about this, but the situation is a bit odd for me and would like input. Excuse the format I’m on mobile.

I’m not the type to dream about sex, haven’t in years. I lucid dream typically and am aware I’m dreaming and it’s always something random, but never sexual. That being said, the past two weeks I have had a sex dream almost every night, and nothing that I can think of that triggered them so did I catch something’s attention? My interests are kinda an odd mix, and the dreams always have elements of them. The first night I was like okay, that’s the first in years, but at this point it’s been two weeks now and it’s every single night. I did some research and thought maybe a parasite or something, but I don’t feel drained at all. Quite the opposite, I’ve had more energy than I normally do. My mood kinda sucks at times but let’s be honest it’s been this way my whole life, depression is a beast I keep fighting back and it eventually returns again. I am not the type to look too much into my dreams (honestly I probably don’t look into them enough) but every night for two weeks, a few of them being with people who I’d never expect? On an odd side note, a couple of people at work were in one, and I swear they’ve been different towards me since, nicer, going out of their way to talk to me instead of just the normal ignoring me (aren’t friends, aren’t people I care about, and couldn’t honestly care less if I never spoke to them), yet now they’re doing this? Maybe just odd coincidence, whole thing may be, but going from not having one in years to this is very odd.

Edited to add a detail that may be important, the first dream was with a girl who kept telling me to take what I want, and kept messing with me until I finally just did. May not be relevant, idk

That does sound to me like most obvious source of the energy is those people. Perhaps they’ve been talking to each other about you in this way? :thinking:

As you’re sensitive you’ve noticed the energy change and can pick up on their thought, the energy finds a chord to resonate with and that causes you to empathically feel that energy as if it were your own.

This has hardened to me at least, and it was tricky to stop. It wasn’t a list spell dont on me, more like the result of poorly controlled energy flow that spilled over on to me. A heavy binding helped, and I created a sort of “damping” chant to stop the vibration when I was awake and noticed a surge, like the dampers on piano strings.

The chant was inspired by E.A.’s invocation of all powers, chanted backwards with the intention of revoking the unwanted powers. I would focus on this chant and after a few repetitions the energy would subside.

Utsha Lat, ut sha al, dat sha al.
(It’s not perfectly backwards, I just liked it this way)

My issue wasn’t personal,… I don’t know if it’s still effective when the flow is personal. I might have posted it here one but have no idea if anyone else tried it before. It’s just what I did when cord cutting wasn’t… cutting it. :sweat_smile:

It’s possible they have been talking about me that way, I’d be surprised though, but then again who knows. They have their own little room and I have no idea what they talk about in there. I’ll look into the dampening. I’ve not noticed any negative effects so far, but the frequency of the dreams is way out of the ordinary.

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