Random Question: *How could i alter herbs?*

Like… if i would want to protect my ritual place with poisonous plants, or just some stinging nettle.
Could i just make them grow around the place, but they wouldn’t poison or sting me?

“make them grow” ? -by planting them or influencing minor events, which would makes it more likely fro those plants to gather around my ritual place.

EDIT: yes i feel like redundantly asking, since i could just try it out and see what happens

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I was planning on doing this. I was just going to plant them around and about. If it doesn’t grow in the formation I want, I can still just use the herbs themselves.

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This can work wonders. I have used nettles to mask outdoor “medicine”. Keep a patch about 10-15 feet thick; it might not register until they are about 5-6 feet in. Thorns are good for this.

Prince Stolas is who I would commune with on this. It is written that he teaches herbalism and agriculture, but he can also take an extremely active hand in those endeavors.

Good idea, but I would not know how. You can get around this with long pants/shirt or just accessing the spot in a round about way. You can make a pretty invisible entrance in a wall of thorn bushes that nobody would even consider trying to walk through unless they were blind.


stinging nettles are not piosonis they are great for salad you can grow them just where a glove when picking them and once you wash them in cold water they don’t sting anymore . and you only use the leaves

i didn’t claimed that they were poisonous.

…still… thank you for… your time