Random photos from an Armchair Magickian

Just some photos of some old altars and such.

I was going to post the Black Mirror Altar here as well but for some reason the file was too large. :confused:

You can use a photo sharing site and have the pics resized.

Like the Belial sigil. Im actually making one wirh that exact color scheme.

Trying to stain your armchair with that fancy… letter opener, eh? I like it!

Their is a very powerful story behind that wand I crafted… I lived in Texas at the time and was at a Hastings book store picking up a book on mentalism. I was in Amarillo and rarely ever frikkin rains their. I walk out of the store and it is T-storming like a mo foe, and it was odd because most of the thunder was horizontal. So I go walking up the side of the highway on the service road and about four blocks up I watched lightning hit a tree. I felt the aura of the thing as I got closer. Then this stick falls into my hand as I passed under it. I knew it would be a cool power item so I kept it for some time. I finally created the wand staining it in my own blood. I used the seven stave height of the Gothic runes to inscribe it with. I love that thing.

Nice sigils! Really clean work! I prefer them over TWF’s.

Would be good to see the Altar as well!

If you want sn example of one of my altars you can check out the Black Mirror altar thread. Unfortunately I could not post it on this thread because the file was too large.