Random journal experience

So today has been…to say the least tiring idk why since I didn’t do much… I’m extremely exhausted for w.e reason so I decided I would meditate or travel or idk so I put my head phones on and relaxed and started taking with furfur I felt his energy today it was extremely over whelming I felt like I was sitting in a sauna cause of the heat well as we talked I started seeing bright lights n colors it was just very random
Then in the distance I saw a light that looked like a star and he was standing in front of it back facing me head looking to the side and down as if he was listening thing is this time he didn’t come as a man with a head of a deer instead he was in human form his hair long almost passed his shoulders his hair was a dirty blonde or blondish color and for the first time I seen his dark grey wings granted they may not have been grey but they looked grey to me his tall and fit tbh I’ve never seen anyone as handsome as him like fr and then I finally started to remember what happened when we got married actually his face… N other nice stuff anyway off point
I felt like I had died basically cause it looked like what I could only describe as heaven
But well it wasn’t
Anyway we spoke more I noticed though I couldn’t get near him nor did he turn to face me which I found weird he did more listening then talking actually and it kinda caught me off guard I know I wasn’t traveling cause I’d feel it idk what happened honestly or as to why he wouldn’t look at me or fully. Talk to me it’s just not like him…any way thought I share


That’s a good meditation experience. It sounds like something I just read about standing at a gate threshold while meditating. The bright star sounds like a gateway. Why he wouldn’t look at you idk. Maybe he didn’t want you to see his form fully? I’ve noticed they’re really funny about that. Did you feel closer to him after this experience?

I do actually I started to notice that he has been here more although on n off

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So it was him I saw at Tiamat’s old pleasure palace a few nights ago in my shared visions with my friend? He was running around I guess keeping on eye stuff? Ask him what he was doing there?

She killed a god that night and gave him a piece of it.

Really? That’s amazing! I wonder if he can assist you in interpreting this vision? Have you tried asking him?

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I have said not to worry about it…

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Wait what? I mean he goes to many different places so I would assume he was taking care of an errand or something

I was in the astral realm of Tiamat’s old pleasure
palace with a human friend there too, and we both saw a huge deer. I wasn’t sure who it was.

Anyways, asked him to take you there.

? I’m curious to know what goes on there…but then again I’m unsure if I should ask lol

It’s actually in ruins. Since she as been gone so long. If you have a deer form you and him should run through her old cosmic woods.

Sadly I don’t have one he says my Aura is like a raven’s so we’ll idk what that means anyway if love to go there one day

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Sounds interesting. I wanna go

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