Random gnosis on duality and religion

So listining to music and doing some research and info compiling and it sudenly hits me, the supposed duality of white of black magic and all the varius religions, it not about the connection to any to peticular deity it’s about the self and the link back to source through whatever face form or persona needed or wanted

Religions, I don’t agree. They were made for various reasons. Some great, some not so great. But yes, the seeker’s search is all about simply trying to find that link back to the source within and without.

I’m not refering to the plans made by the people hiding behind the curtain, I mean the reason that so many are drawn to them and the many of the hidden messages within them.

Yep. I can agree with that. Well. Kinda. I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to be content wearing yoga pants and saying “namaste”. Many people are okay with just treating spirituality like something to do in their spare time. Chasing experiences and instagram posts. Ideally, we’d all want to connect to that source within and without. But unfortunately, the depth of depravity and hubris humanity has fallen into gives me little faith in them in general.

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