Random face during meditation and other things

Alright, I have been practicing my meditation really seriously now, and am really pushing past my depression and anxiety in order to sit down and force myself to meditate for 30 minutes straight and read as much about magick as possible (which is hard cause I also am Autistic and my focus is horrible) and I have been seeing something like my closed eyes are having a flashlight shined on them, like when you can see the light shining even through your eyelids? Even though I’m sitting in the pitch black dark. Which is pretty odd, is that normal?

Anyway, so the main thing is during the meditation when it was almost over, a face of a man popped up while I was thinking of different spirits to reach out to and I was even chanting the enn of Lucifer, and this face was just so random. I wasn’t thinking of anything like him.

It seemed like it was black and white like an old photo and on his forehead he had like an upside down trident, like a jagged upside down W and I’m curious if anyone has an idea who it could be? It was so sudden, I didn’t see anything other than the face. I honestly think he looked like a tribal man. But I couldn’t tell what race he was. :thinking: But I didn’t see no hair or anything to help me try and recognize him. I didn’t even get startled but when I reached out to try and call him back nothing happened, it just went back to the middle of my forehead tingling and almost like a nervousness, like I was jittery. It keeps happening after I meditate, too :thinking: is that jittery feeling normal? It kind of feels like an adrenaline rush. Also, I get really cold after meditation too! Thanks for all the help :hugs: I took a break but now I’m back and gonna catch up on everything I’ve missed on here.

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that’s a good thing… your psychic gifts are awakening. You’ll start seeing a whole bunch of things… sometimes not even during meditation really…
I saw a Tribal man looking demon too once. But like from an African tribe. He was a desert rocky place and my mind just wandered to him like on it’s own… He had red eyes. It was an interesting event.
Not sure about being jitery and cold… sometimes after a ritual i get kinda dizzy and loopy… Try grounding
Everything else you said i think it’s pretty normal
Maybe you should work on your energy centers and energy storage centers.


Rest assured during some meditation sessions there are indeed those odd sessions where you come across visitations or visualisation.

The meditative state brings the body into its most felt natural state — this alleviated my mental ailments for many years, I’m unsure where I’d be without it so don’t feel like you must force, just gradually go into the meditation and you’ll just come across a lot of thoughts that are being passed through a filter.

I’ve seen and heard many things during meditation. Everyone has. You’ll come to realise that the barrier is quite thin and meditation is a guidance to peel off that thin barrier which is the veil.

When the veil is peeled you will witness concepts beyond fathoming… it’s all natural and apart of the experience. Meditation is healthy!


Ah, thank you! That’s great to hear! Yeah, that kind of happened, my mind just wandered to him and the man’s face just showed up and he was looking at me, but his face seemed small like he was a good distance away from me. Alright, thank you for the advice! I’ll definitely do that and work on my energy centers!:hugs:

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Definitely! And what I found so odd is that I consider myself pretty bad at visualizing anything, even things that I see every single day, so to have a face pop up so clearly is rather shocking! Meditation is really nice and I’ve sometimes thought I’ve fallen asleep during it while still hearing everything but apparently that is a deep state of it? I just remember 2 days ago I was so quiet and calm during meditation but something fell from my bed and made a loud crash and my heart felt like it was going a mile a minute :sweat_smile: it sort of felt like a rubber band. I felt like I was just slammed back into reality :thinking:

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Sounds like you are on the right path. Keep it up and have fun!

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That’s great to hear! Thank you so much! :hugs: