Random Encounters

I was perusing Coast to Coast Website out of boredom as i listen to it while i workout at midnight. I see this:

And this pops up

I’d post the horoscope link but i lost it. Its similar to this but red & gold with the images not the symbols of the astrological entities. Scorpio looks like a scorpion, etc

He sends a “personal message.” I won’t read the “email letter” but I will post the sigil that was sent. I chuckled…

Besides my birthdate, name, and astrological birth you get up to three choices to click:

I chose: justice, money, wealth

Odd wealth is on twice.

I guess its random… based on choices. Can’t redo it. Thoughts and opinions anyone. I mean these are vague ads but even ads can lead to odd paths. I should do my own divination

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Anyone who calls themselves " The extraordinary"…is suspicious to me. And the light effect on his eyes is weird to. Just gives me “fake vibes”.


Oh, i detected cheese factor warp 10 when i saw the ads. The emails blather how rare my signs are and within the next 12 months major changes are in my hands and decisions. >.>. <.<! No kidding? How vague and general. Naturally the links lead to please donate a financial amount blah blah. Oh well… he says he’s a hypnotist as well. The light on the eyes is a cheesy effect. Its not as funny as say

Eh… people make livings however they can i guess.