Random drawings / *art* / doodle POST IT IN HERE!


I dunno.



Beautiful. :black_heart:


Thank you love :two_hearts:


Just finished. Pencil and medium nib fountain pen.


Just random doodle I did a few weeks ago


I am a physical and visual learner, so I created this a bit back to perform the middle pillar ritual.


Okay: Some people here get some darker inspirations…
But this is where my mind goes during meditation sessions: I call it

Morning Zombies


All 3 is my artwork. Random stuff when I was bored.

3rd is to protect the notebook/magick work it is drawn on – it’s on the back – the cat with protection runes/etc

This is a prototype for a gas mask I’m making.


All my art and art supplies have been gathering dust in my mom’s basement for the last decade… The first is a 5 ft x 10 ft tryptic I painted in college, long before I ever read into the occult or had any sense of spirituality. It was also the last year of somewhat normalcy before my decade of chaos that’s just now wrapping up. It’s been stacked together with my other work, facing the wall because my mom said they scared her.
At the time, I was looking at Bosch paintings and German expressionism for inspiration. It’s a composite of some photos my friend took. I liked the light trails and looking back at it now, painted the people to look kinda like spectres I guess.
I recently evoked Sallos to help rekindle lost passion. As I was cleaning up, I was moving these big canvases in the dark and leaned them against the wall to get them out of the way. When I turned on the lights, I saw that I’d actually arranged my tryptic in order for the first time in years.

This one is a portrait of a friend after someone elbowed her in the face by accident at a concert or something like that.


These are fucking EPIC! I really love your use of lines and shade and color. You do a really good job capturing expression!

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Thank you! I haven’t painted anything for years and not sure I still can, but I think I’m going to try one today.

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You really should pick up the brush again. You are very talented.

And trust me, I understand all too well about being out of commission for a while.

For myself Its been over 6 months since I tried painting something. And over 6 years since ive been a constant artist.

And This year has been so damn chaotic that I literally can’t put brush to paper. It sucks that I’m one of those artists.

I’m also not one to put chaos down and call it good. Especially when my chaos art looks like something you stepped in and couldnt quite wipe all the way off lol.

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Thank you :purple_heart: I never considered myself a ‘real artist’ because I’ve never sold anything or had work in a show outside of college, and I stopped pretty soon after I graduated. I don’t know how to get a commission or anything, but hoping that now that the dust is starting to settle, I can take the time to start painting again and get to that level. I’m worse than those artists haha I stopping everything just because life took a weird turn…I’m just worried that anything I make right now is just going to look like some art therapy refrigerator drawings :crazy_face:

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Dude person(not sure what gender you are and everyone is dude to me…but I’ll add person to be PC…for now lol) , I feel this in my soul. I too never considered myself a real artist. I’ve never sold any of my work. Ive only done one art exhibit over 13 years ago. And it was when I was only so so in digital art. And my life has also been a hectic clown house for the Last 14 years. And my art has suffered from that.

You know im starting to think though that we will just have to sit down and paint for a while, just get all the shitty work out of the way. Then the good stuff will come through.

The one artist ive talked with that is a big name, explained how he has multiple art projects going on at once and he forces himself day in and day out to paint. He is also a multi millionaire now. He does really great work, not that red smudge on white canvas shit. He does the Harley davidson art. Fricken exceptional. But he made a point to point out that he puts the time in day in day out regardless of his mood. Im still trying to figure that shit out. Cause my art reflects my moods exactly. 🤷

Now after all that and in my opinion. I highly encourage you to pick up your art again and start. You have such beautiful raw and expressive talent and you need to put that out there. The world needs to have beauty and raw reality it again. No more of thise bull crap modern “art” shit. Again my personal opinion. But i don’t follow the idea that all art should be validated. Some art is crap. Some is rembrandt. And there is a huge difference.

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ignore the horror of my primate feet


I started drawing this when I joined a Case study of Art and Activism (personally starting to regret joining this professor’s class, and I’m like we’re gonna be hearing a lot of White male supremacy and injustices in foreign lands and cops and soldiers are bad, blah, blah, blah…whatever, I just bullshit my way through this class like I did Journalism) Though I also posted this, to see what many of you Occultists think or what feeling does this image give you? I drew this when it came into my mind, figure it would make a good Tumblr user pic and for journal entries, which we have to do for the class…

Anyway I eagerly await to read your comments. Still not finish, I need to add more stars and make the right side of the pic to have a Nebula cloud.

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