Random drawings / *art* / doodle POST IT IN HERE!


That is so beautiful… those eyes you could feel them and look at them for hours. Wonderful technique ! The choice of colors and layers… Amazing :heart::+1:


Im jealous i cant draw at all…all i can do is vividly describe the appearance in writing




Thank you very much :wine_glass::heart::heart::heart: i tried my best !


it is all about practice… you can have talent but if you dont practice it is worthless :wink: so practice practiceand you will see that magic then :wink:


I cant draw a guy at all


I think you shouldn’t measure your art that way… there are countless forms of art. Drawing is not the only one and there are tons of way to draw… drawing exact replica of reality is only one way to do it. How you express yourself is more important that copying what you see.


Thanks for your advice…i seriously need art lesson…it looks a lot like michael jackson which shows how bad i am


Tracing is actually a good way to get the muscle memory in your hand, and YouTube has plenty of tutorials. We all learn in our own way and time. Plus as long as you are enjoying creating it then you are doing it right.


Im better at writing as art…i had trace anime stuff but men are harder for expression and stuff


I started off from tracing to freehanded. Freehanded was taking an image and sketching it out from reference. I still use references like but, I use references in a way where I break it down into simple shapes to get the anatomy right and then build upon it. Anyone can improve! This was my art back in 2017!


Here is my doodles…yay


Practice makes perfect. May I recommend drawabox.com? Art is a skill. You can develope it. :slight_smile: Also the How to Draw Manga series is great for drawing manga/anime. I still use one of thethe costume design books as inspiration. I noticed you mentioned that you used anime as a learning tool. I assume its because you enjoy that sort of thing.


Rat King, drawing I did on my ipad today


love it !!! also that idea is goooood :ok_hand:t2:




Awwww, thank you!


I’m pretty sure I follow you on instagram. :upside_down_face:


Do you have a instagram i wanna follow it


There is a a possibility :relieved: or you are following Ho :two_hearts:she is awesome artist and we have done collaboration on this piece and also on many more. Also we work on comissions together when i have time (because i am not doing this for living). You can find on her profile some arts which we done together or which we swiped. I am mainly talking ideas and drawing sketches for her and she is finishing it most of the time. But ofc we keep it in secret mostly because of fanbase… some people were attacking us at the beginning​:unamused:
@Bunnygamer1994 yup i have instagram but i deactivated it 2 days ago because i cant focus on anything when i get hundreds of messages about comissions etc. It is blocking my magic work and studies. Right now i have finals in school so i felt like i need to cut all disturbing elements, because art is just my hobby :grimacing:
I took 1 week off and than i will activate it soon :ok_hand:t2: Why deactivation ? Because followers cant unfollow you :smiling_imp::joy: