Random drawings / *art* / doodle POST IT IN HERE!


Here’s a doodle I did of Lilith a while ago :heart:



Ah, those times when I had time to draw things like this. For example on boring math lessons.

( Yes, that is my nick. Busted. )

Intense images in the mind - what actually affects on your body physically

@levilevi, omg, I LOVE this! I had a vision similar to this, before.


This is the first real painting (on canvas) I ever did. I didn’t have an idea for it, I just played with the paint until an image emerged.


My teenage version of the 10 of Cups. It’s an 8"x10" canvas & even though I used the smallest brushes I had, um, the children are conjoined cause I couldn’t paint the hands & fingers well enough, LOL. I’ll be redoing this one, one day.


A version of The Sun tarot card. This looked better before I made the sunflowers red & put glitter on the grass. I still like the sun’s face, though.

Nightmare in One-Point Perspective

Still-life in Green


Foxglove entry from my teenage Book of Shadows.

A couple little things I did as a kid that I liked, so I saved them.

Some doodles of irises.


Thanks, @IrisAthena. I drew this on an airplane. I find movement like buses or planes to be conducive to this kind of stuff.



Drew along to Debussy’s nocturnes…

feeling burnt out and wish I could just rest a little


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


Oh, @blueberry, those are amazing! You are really talented! I hope you get some rest & feel better, soon.


Crow Mother Kachina doll

I forgot the name of this one, but it’s supposed to be a woman interrupted while doing her hair, which makes her pissed.

My “Storm Box”




Thanks a lot Iris, I’m in a bit of a down time but working through it :'D I’m really loving your art! what’s the storm box for?


Are we sharing any art we’ve made or just recent stuff? Because Ive got some good shit I made when I was in a bad state


You’re welcome, @blueberry. I hope you feel better, soon! Thank you! The storm box isn’t as cool as it sounds, lol. I just keep the stuff the wind gave me in it, like this:



I’ve shared some old stuff. Go for it, dude!


Reviving this with a Belphegor - feminine aspect it appeared to me, sort of a part two to one I posted last year. It started as a kind of theoretical depiction, then when summoned actually appeared in that form. I am fairly certain I never posted this one here until now.


For some reason my neighbor decided that I must have wanted espresso at 11pm. He was right, but that’s not the point. So I figured I would do some light sketching after that caffeine kicked in.


Not really artwork necessarily, just experimenting with water color.


Was thinking about posting here for a while, so here it goes. I do art for a living, all work is protected. Enjoy :grin:


Not my artwork. One of my friends did this one.