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I made this today while reading and contemplating on the seal of the sorcerer from KoF. I just started sketching this and the letters around are a common theme when I channel or meditate with a spirit. It gives me Saturnian vibes and an “Azazely” feeling to it, dunno. I’ll investigate it more. Feel free to use it as a sigil, the intent and feel it gave me when I was sketching was about opening oneself to the primordial currents and to the dark rings of Saturn for knowledge instead of death currents and the usual Saturnian current energies.

Clear without editing: (Black Pen and Paper)

After editing:



Azazel has been helping me out with my artwork for almost a year so far, constantly pushing me to draw for hours on end. My art has grown a lot from when he started helping me out, and I can’t thank him enough. Today he wanted me to make him a drawing and showed me an image of an octopus destroying a farmhouse.


Wasn’t much motive for this one


Totally offtopic but meh.


In new here, Been an artist and dabbler into the demonic my entire life. Lately my artistry has been taking on a more mystical and darker theme. I do mainly wirework at the moment, but I paint and draw as well.
This is a recent creation of mine inspired by Belial. Entitled “Dominion” it is a large ruby with smoky quartz and amethyst accents.
The combo of demonic colors. Wearing it as a talisman as well until I will invoke Belial fully.



Looks very similar to Cthulhu without the body. Cthulhu calls.


I’m FAR from an artist and haven’t actually made anything in years, but I got the random urge to make this a couple days ago, and I just finished it about an hour ago.


Get a Freightliner, then we can talk…


This is fun to scare my neighbours.


It’s was the week where I had the most fun lucid dream lol while I tried to contact lepaca


Spent last night working on a protype design, these are My Swords of Azazel




Something snatched me out of my body and throw me in this place with dozens of spirits looking at me… I was on the ground stunned hearing what sounded like an opera! My senses couldn’t register everything and got overwhelmed that I fainted! Everything was blackout until I woke up!


A vision I had, I didn’t try to get the drawing near this is just a rough up representation of what j saw.


my latest piece,
Caduceus’s Flame

copper wirewrapped pendant with 2 faceted carnelian orange stones for the serpents heads, symbolizing being aflame with the knowledge of healing from the source, (torch)flame of creation.


Lady Freya Vanadis

Elen of the Ways


The first one is amazingly beautiful


Super cute! I wish I could learn digital painting. I wouldn’t know where to start.


Poem and symbol - Keys of Gnosis
(Sorry, language is ancient tehomite = MAGIAR).
(Lower octave is MAGIAR,
higher octave is ancient HEBREW,
and we go trough!)