Random drawings / *art* / doodle POST IT IN HERE!


Does sculpture count??? I call this piece the enchanted doll…! A work in progress!



Thank you! <3

But for now, he is the only one from goetia in my sketchbook. Before I had more, but I left my art at my previous home and a lot of them have lost, I think. I’m planning to draw more demons from goetia but I can’t find enough motivation and time for this.

I don’t draw often. Tbh, it makes me nervous (6 hours drawing - sick) that’s why I usually left unfinished drawings or I have only few of them - No, seriously, I’m too impatient for this. I love art but the work itself is tiring as shit.

Dantalion is a special spirit for me and he always has a place at my side, so that’s why I drew him first. (Also, I told him I will draw him so there he is) Next 75% in my sketchbook is Ahriman - lol, not a special bond, I just think he is beautiful and that’s why. Haha, of course it’s my weird taste but for me he is an icon of dark beauty. (You see his strength, his majesty? his darkness? oh gods)

I have a few unfinished drawings if someone is interested and wants to see anyway.

Dantalion (hello again) but without mask

Ahriman (heh, I have a lot to finish on this one)

Ahriman (oh, hello again) A bit older, but still.

And … that’s my favorite. With Ahura’s fire.

If I draw a demon or something I will share with u guys. If I only find motivation … and break my laziness lol.


dig dig dig

Stuck for Water
by spearcarrier on DeviantArt

No no, wait. That’s not the one. dig dig dig

The Spider
by spearcarrier on DeviantArt

So there I was sitting in linguistics 101 minding my own business, and I was pestered with, “Psst! Do my portrait!” Which I get from time to time.

Sometimes I have no idea who I am portraitizing, as is the case with this one.

Oh well!

dig dig dig

by spearcarrier on DeviantArt

Latest portrait. Used 3D, because I get sucked into it… I just had to go watch Hotel Transylvania 3 for the 2nd time so I could try to figure out just how much was cloth dynamics, particles, and/or straight up animation. :see_no_evil:


I want to hit the “love” heart button …( not like, but love ) about 10,000,000 times…!!! Love the drawings!!! Amazing!!!


omfg they are so amazing!!
you are so talented!!


My clay making, lucifer and baphomet
Both no wings for some reason lol !



Sweet putting you in my DA watch list :slight_smile:


Alright, here is something I did today


Those drawings looks incredibly amazing.:+1:


Finally found a picture of myself and was able to save it. Dunno if the shadow side is a split personality or a spirit. But she likes being called Sin.


A weak representation of the friendly thoughtform of mine I finally encountered :’)


@Sha I’m in awe :heart_eyes: you’re such an amazing talented artist!!
I could seriously look at your pieces forever.


Love how you put this together!!


Thank you :heart:


I still cant get over it. Here I am staring again. Do you mind if I save them? You should seriously frame them all.


No, that’s alright. you can save them if you want. But my drawings aren’t quite finished so I don’t know if you still want to look at them in this state or maybe I’ll finish them first and then post them later finished. I think they would have a better form. :wink:


A journal cover - arteries veins and capillaries. A Blacklight Art work-in-progress.


I wanted to contribute :blush:

I drew Lilith. And I’ll… probably be drawing more of her lol.