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Az Jahi she who is the consort Of Ahriman, she who is the blood moon and queen of darkness eternal.

Goddess of death and the dead, Goddess of destruction and necromancy and vampyrism, The Blood Moon that orbits the abysmal darkness.


That would make a dope patch.




These are some favorites of my work rn, the last one I am currently working on rn




I’ve built fences, privacy screens, and decks out of wood. Other than that I got walls and cielings ive built hahaha does that count? Besides this and this… I’m actually getting in touch with my artistic side since I left/got fired by my last job but I might be going back to another soon. We’ll see, that one is going to be building boat docks for lake houses.


The first picture was a color in deal I found at hobby lobby. I felt some kinda way sharpieing it in!


hand cut and sanded all the tops of the slats. Used a power sander a little bit.this privacy screen is out of concrete fiber board. Uploading… some more privacy screen and the deck too although I guess y’all wouldn’t consider the deck art unless you were a carpenter yourself and saw it in person. Since there’s different ways to frame and all that jazz.


I don’t think all my photos are showing… And on the fence and deck deal It was me and 2 other guys that built it I didn’t do it all by myself. FYI … I got a Dremel and etched this friend of a friend name into this rock. who overdosed on a deadly drug combination.IMG_20180305_144012|375x500
And this rock for an old no longer friend who has been trying to get clean through AA who I mistakenly tried to help enlighten to my lifestyle and shunned me for who I am. The first person I was honest about with things regarding the occult.


I can show u my two.

Ahriman with Az-Jahi.



This is so f$%ng Awesome!!!


Aw, thank you <3


First face I’ve drawn in years, usually don’t do faces, people or animals, just because abstract is more my thing. It’s isn’t great and I’m not happy with proportions but… meh.


The most recent incarnation of my journal cover!


“The curs-ed run rampant, the gates swung wide, behold the passage to hell, and all that lurks inside!”

My vision of a hidden open demonic portal…!

~ A work-in-progress…I still want to add flames, demons, and or some other beings or tormented souls. Acrylic on wood/black light art piece. By Danizeil ~



Two of my favorite

Weed spirit asking by someone…

Lil moth

Lil gift for Duke sallos

Aaand some sketch for a cape for a magickal collection I will do


I dont have my other drawings on my phone. But here’s one.


so dantalion is the number 71 in your book…
does it means that you have more??!!
I would LOVE to see others!
AMAZING art!!!


Does complex photoshop count in here?