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I honestly feel most paint programs are good, you just have to learn their ins and outs.

There’s a guy on YouTube I watch who uses Wacom and Corel stuff. He does lots of reviews and tutorials on it. :slight_smile:


The only thing I say about Corel is buy hard copies not digital copies.
Their programs still don’t except the key codes from digital and won’t authorize your copy then the digital dl won’t fully uninstall either when trying to load a disc version.


Alright, I’ll be sure to purchase the disc :slight_smile: thanks for the advice!


I’ll be sure to subscribe to him, thanks! Another good youtuber that I think you should check out is Brooke eggleston. His youtube channel is called ‘Character Design Forge’ and it’s definitely worth looking at if you’re into making characters or stories. He offers a lot of good advice


Just started this today… not done yet. :smiley:


this was nothing more than a doodle that i started weeks ago and scrapped it thinking i was never going to finish it. yesterday something was really insisting i finish it, so here’s my sweet boy that i finished last night!!! :purple_heart:


First attempt at a watercolor landscape. Had to channel my inner Bob Ross this evening.



.:. Ok, its not that bad.

But it lacks esthetics .


the picture, it bit me, and its eyes feel alive


it keeps biting, and i really shouldn’t finish it,
its tries to stand up, tried to raise its head from the paper
~the hell is that a thoughtform or being?


The wounds are not physical, but if i don’t wanna ignore them, then i can see it
~why? this thing is Alushtiell, if that is its name, its older than me

it hypnotises me into not destroying the picture what the fuck?




damn, i locked it up with a seal, but i keep seing it everywhere.
~i probably should just burn it

the amateurish seal works, and the moonwater, but its traces are still here

idk, i’m not the kind of person that destroys his art, but this thing feels alive,
and somewhat dangerous




Wow, banish and cleanse, something about burning it sounds great to me! Yeah! :sparkler::fire::fire::fire:


Okay…one of my magick journal covers became the next leatherface victim. It reminds me of the necronomicon from the Evil Dead movie, but quite different turn out. It’s modge podge style or basically paper machete done with gauze and acrylic paint. Another work in progress.


i just realized, that i layd it to the same shelf, as the salomon stuff of saturn and mars … :thinking: