Rams' Writings

Hello everyone! Welcome to my journal of sorts. This will be a place for all my informal thoughts, questions and notes. Everyone please feel free to chime in with comments, questions, experiences and what not. Your words are encouraged. Let’s begin…

Winterfield’s Demons of Magic (DoM) arrived earlier this week so I will be diving into that later today. The book was a little pricey but I know it will be well worth it. I immediately flipped though a few pages when it arrived and it looks super interesting. I also bought S. Connolly’s Demonolatry book which I plan on studying after DoM.

Thinking about getting a set of runes. I’ve never had any interest in them, but I suddenly felt drawn to them a few weeks ago when I was at a local shop. I didn’t end up purchasing them because they were expensive, but my mind is still curious about them.

Infernal Blessings,


Hey, welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face: You should find the book useful. My best advice is to condense all the ritual instructions into three pages as i did, and try to commit that to memory. And then you can take it with you during ritual in case you forget something.


Thank you. This will help me.

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The past few days I have been studying Winterfield’s DoM, and have made it through the Ritual Opening and the Core Opening. These first few pages have challenged my entire thought process and have forced me to open my mind. Everything for me has always been black or white, good or bad, this or that, etc. And now I’m seeing that this isn’t the case at all.

I need to practice meditating.

Also, is EA’s Complete Works worth the investment (financially speaking but time wise as well)? Or are some books individually more valuable (spiritually speaking) than others? I’ve found it online for a good price…

Today’s plan WAS to reread and master the first 2 sections of DoM and then prepare for Ritual One. But I was told today that my mother is ill and I don’t feel the greatest either and I feel as though my energy and intentions need to be directed for healing and protection right now. The search engine suggested working with Marbas for healing from an illness and protection? Someone also suggested Raphael (the angel?) but then others said definitely NOT Raphael…
Back to the search engine it is…

Infernal Blessings ~Rami